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Elementary level


Vocabulary: Adjectives


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss review of adjectives in the context of physical appearance.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss with listening practice using a text about telephone call in the context of physical appearance as well as semi-controlled speaking practice of TL.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To provide Ss with exposure to TL

Powerpoint photos to introduce adjectives. Looking to see what Ss already know. Introduce phrase, "What does he/she look like? Miming/acting out tall, short, fat, thin to elicit TL from Ss.

Exposure to written TL (6-7 minutes) • To provide Ss context for the target language through a need for description and provide Ss confidence of understanding through peer check FB.

T draws on WB - "Height" Under Height T draws two men (one short and one tall). He's ____. He's _____. T elicits from Ss what adjective could go in the blank. T holds up WKST. "You're going to fill in the blank." points to WKST. Ss complete exercise 1 solo. Give Ss 2 minutes. "With a partner, check your answers." If needed, point to WKST exercise and show checking answers (demo).

Additional TL (3-3 minutes) • To provide Ss meaning of additional target language

Write average looking, middle-aged, medium heigh on board. Show pictures to elicit meaning.

Clarification of TL (7-8 minutes) • To provide Ss clarification of TL through grouping of adjectives into categories

Start/draw table on WB to demo instructions. "Height, age, looks" Elicit 1 or 2 adjectives and place into category. Hold up tables (3 or 4). Tell the Ss we're going to complete the tables. Ticky tack tables around the classroom on the wall. Ss get out of seats and complete. After Ss complete tables. Clarify multiple adjectives. (T has started writing sentences while Ss completing tables) She's a _____ ______ woman. (tall/thin on side of board) He's a ____ ____ man. (handsome young) My friend has _____ _____ hair. red beautiful Kathy is an _______ ______ woman. old ugly Elicit answers from Ss. Ss write answer on WB. Not necessary to establish grammar rules as "Teaching English Grammar' J Scrivener said it could be too complicated for Ss to understand. Try to establish rules through practice like above and practiced speech.

Listening Intro (4-5 minutes) • To provide Ss context for listening activity and freer speech practice using TL

Photo of Valerie and Brian on PPT. T: What does Valerie look like? Brian? Take one or two answers from Ss to check understanding and put into pairs. PW to use TL describing Valerie and Brian.

Listening (7-9 minutes) • To provide Ss listening content of TL in context of audio

We're going to listen to a telephone call between Valerie and Brian. After audio. T asks "Where is Brian?", "What does Valerie talk to Brian about?" What does she say?" Answers: In airport, describing people from Explore London Tour Direct Ss to WKST (Ex3). "There are 3 people. Delilah, Patti and Dave. We're going to listen again and I want you to match the photo to the name." Check in partners.

Free Practice (7-12 minutes) • To provide Ss free practice of TL

Describe and draw. T demos with S. Give S piece of blank paper. Start describing. My husband. His name is Jon. He's very handsome. He's got dark hair. He's tall, thin. He's 27, is he young? Encourage S to draw Jon. After finished, show picture of Jon. Is this my husband? Yes. In pairs, I want you to describe someone in your family. Ss take turns describe/draw. If time, switch to a new partner.

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