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Copy of TP #7, Reading Lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson I will warm them up by having them talk with each other about their jobs, then I Will show them a picture and have them discuss what is going on, elicit from them. Then I will give them a gist task (deciding which title fits the text) and they will read for 30 seconds only. After that I will give them a more detailed reading task, and they have to answer the questions I give them on a paper. Then in pairs they compare. Feedback. Then We will go over some vocabulary, I will ask them if they don't know any, and they will circle, then talk with their pairs first. If time I can have them read the text again now knowing more the words, and share with their partners a short summary of the text. After that, We will do post reading assignment. Discuss questions together. Then we will review, feedback from a few. go over language. CCQ's!


Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice, as well as speaking and comprehension, using a text about strategies for keeping your job. We will do this through a pre-reading activity (gist read),a while reading and a post reading activity.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Through reading a text, reading for gist, detail reading and answering questions, learning new words to understand more fully, and responding to the story together in groups, the students will practice all these skills.


Warmer/Lead-in (2 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students about jobs and keeping them

Pass out questions for Ss to ask each other. Monitor, join a bit :)

Pre-Reading/Gist read 30 seconds (3 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible, by showing picture first, and having them gist read for 30 seconds

First Show Students the picture from the text (only the picture) and have them guess what could be happening. --elicit some answers. WRITE 3 TITLES ON WB Then show the text, before handing out--WITH OUT THE TITLE (so with a BLANK LINE) "Quickly look over this text in 30 seconds, and then come up to the WB and put a check mark next to the title (point to WB) (depending on how many students are in class, I will have just them write in which one the thing is correct) you think is the correct title for the text." Give text. after... "With your partners share why you chose that title, and what you think the text is about." then, feedback "Which title do you think is correct for this text?" By majority come to conclusion.

While-Reading/Detailed reading and questions #1 (5-10 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging questions, more detailed, so that they can practice detail reading to find the answers

Show paper with questions, "Now, read the text again, and answer these questions on your own first." 4 minutes? "Now, please switch seats with someone so that you have a different partner.Please share and discuss your answers with each other." 5 - 5 minutes. Monitor. Listen for errors. Feedback. few people. Error correction.

While-Reading/Vocab (5-7 minutes) • To provide students opportunity to learn more vocab in order to better understand whole text

"Now, please on your own, circle the words you do not know in this text." "Ask your partners if they know, find someone who may know this word, and have them explain it to you." Monitor Feedback, elicit what words they circled, and what they guessed it could be, did anyone know? What did they say? "Which ones you still do not know?" M eaning P ronunciation F orm. write on WB. Meaning, explain, CCQ's. Drill. form-how to use it. (****IF time, should I have them read text again with new words, and then share with their partners a short summary of the whole text? 2-3 minutes? )

Post-Reading/discussion and speaking (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and share/discuss what they've learned

Split into groups (Cappadokya, Izmir, Istanbul) (depends on how many students come!!!) Hold paper of questions up: "Please get into your group (motion where they go together) (again, depends on how big class is) and answer these questions and discuss together. " 5-10 minutes (If need to, switch people in groups to have variety) After that (monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and check time and errors!) Feed back. some. go over errors. Go over language. CCQs.

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