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Wall Street English - Demo
Elementary level


Demo lesson - students will review present continuous


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of the present continuous

Subsidiary Aims

Perhaps the most important element of any plan is the part where we say what our aims are.Jeremy Harmer in The Practice of English Language Teaching


Lead in (1-1 minutes) • To engage students and generate interest

T shows Ss a Google Jamboard with an illustration of a classroom and asks Ss about what they can see in the picture

Language Analysis (4-4 minutes) • Review MF(P) for TL

T reviews structure and usage of present continuous

Speaking Task 1 (3-3 minutes) • To practice creating sentences using TL

T shows illustration again from lead in and has Ss use verbs to make sentences about the characters shown in the illustration

Controlled Practice (5-5 minutes) • To check student fluency in reading for TL

T has Ss take turns reading a short story about a family in a park. T then shares a link to a Google Jamboard where Ss underline examples of the present continuous. T asks Ss CCQs to ensure comprehension

Practice 1 (3-3 minutes) • To allow students to practice TL

T shows Ss a collection of sentences with the conjugated verb removed. T asks Ss to read out the sentence with the correct verb (with conjugation).

Practice 2 (4-4 minutes) • To allow students to practice TL forming questions and answers

T shows a series of pictures of people doing actions. Ss take turns asking each other questions and answering those questions with complete sentences

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