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pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will revise Present Simple and Present Continuous tense through matching activities and will practice the same grammar subject through a reading text and finally they will make a controlled speaking activity


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice forming Present Simple and Present Continuous tense in the context of 'Job hunting'

Subsidiary Aims

  • 1. To practise reading skill in terms of skimming and scanning. 2. To practice controlled speaking for accuracy.


Warmer / Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To engage the Ss and to activate the Ss schemata by linking to the previous lesson and setting the context.

1. T greets the Ss and ask how their previous lesson was and asks if they like it. 2. T tries to get the subject of the reading they read in the previous lesson. 'What was the reading text about?' 3. T shows the picture of a character in the previous reading passage (George) and asks what his name is. 4. T sticks the picture on the board and does the same with a picture of the other character in the text (Kevin). 5. T 'Do they have a job?' 'No' 6. T 'They are ..........' by using mimics and gectures, T tries to get the verb looking for and when she get it, she writes it on the board. And asks if they are looking for a job for everyday or around now? 7. T asks which tense do we use for it? 8. T asks which tense do we use for things we always do. Writes them on the board.

Activity 1, Handout 1 (Controlled) (Meaning Focused) (5-6 minutes) • To test Ss knowledge on the subject and make them help each other.

1. T chests the handout, shows the vebs and says 'some of the verbs are present continuous, some of them are present simple. Put the verbs in the right table. Demo one of them and show the pairs and set the time. 2. ICQ 'Are you working alone?' 'no!' 'How many min. do you have?' 3. Gives the handout. 4. FB: When finish, chests the cards prepared beforehand and says 'You will take a card and you will go and stick to the right place (by showing the topics on the board) 'lets see if you are correct or not.'

PowerPoint slide (Meaning Focused) (4-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning differences in both tense (Simple Pres.-Pres. cont.)

1. T shows a side (2 usages of both tenses written on) and elicit the name of the tenses. 2. T says 'take one verb and stick to the right place.' (the verbs sticked on the board are still there and the explanations of the usages are on the board, too) 3. Demonstrates one verb.

Activity 2 (Meaning Focused) (4-5 minutes) • To clarify the difference between state vebs and action verbs.

1.T elicits the meaning of 'states' 2. Chests cards state and action verbs written on. 3. Says 'Stick to the right place on the board Work with your partner' 4. ICQs: Are you working alone? No 5. And gives the cards. 6. WC FB 7. Get the negative and question forms by eliciting and write an example to the board.

Reading activity 6a (3-4 minutes) • To clarify the meaning through a text

1. Chest Georges email and say 'Read the text answer the questions' 'Work with your partner.' 2. ICQ- Are you filling the gaps? No. -Are you working alone? No. -Are you working with your partner? Yes. 3. You have 2 mins. 4. WC FB

Activity 3 (Form Focused) (Controlled) (5-6 minutes) • To clarify the differences in both tense (Simple Pres.-Pres. cont.) in terms of form and practice it.

1. T chests the text and 'Put the verbs in Georges email in the present simple or present continuous. 2. ICQ - will you use past tense? No. - will you use present or continuous tense? Yes. - are you working alone? 3. You have 3 min. 4. Give the same colours to the partners. 5. WC FB Ask why they chose this tense.

Freer Speaking (10-15 minutes) • To get Ss practice in the target language.

1. T: Chests handouts 'You remember Kevin, right? he has a job! 2. 'Read about his job.' 3 'You have only 1 min.' 4. ICQ: 'are you redaing with your friend? No 5. How many minutes do you have? One. 6. Chests the handout, says 'Now turn your papers over' by demonstrating. 7. Make questions. Work with yor partner. You have 4 mints. 8. Do the first one together. 9. T: 'Find different coloured paper and ask questions' 10 Wc FB

If-Time activity • To practice controlled speaking on the same subject to be done as a follow up activity

1. Make groups of 5 2. Which job is better, do you think- Kevin's or George's? Why? Discuss in your group. 3. Error correction on the board.

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