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Raising money
Intermediate level


This is a listening lesson and it focuses on developing gist and listening details in the context of a text about someone doing a trip to raise money.


Abc Reading/ listening

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about Raising money

Subsidiary Aims

  • To read for specific information


Warmer/Lead-in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

-T brings a box with 2 UNICEF pictures attached to it. -T has already given money to my colleagues ( Ahmad, Joey, Mohamed..etc). -As the lesson starts, my colleagues walk to the box and put money inside . -T starts eliciting (What did these people do? What is the purpose of doing this? Where is the money going to?

Pre-teach vocabulary (4-8 minutes) • To unblock key lexis needed to help Ss understand the the passage.

-T tells students he is going to explain some words for them that they are going to find in the text. -T has blockers written in separate papers. -T sticks the first paper and explains the word written on it. -T starts with Meaning, Form, and Pronunciation. -T checks that Ss understand the word. -T then drills the word collectively and then individually -T uses visual aids if necessary for each word.

While-Reading (4-6 minutes) • To help Ss to read for gist

-T tells students they are going to read a passage about Helen Skelton who went on a trip to raise money. -T shows the handouts to Ss and points out to the reading passage. -T (after 3 to 4 minutes) asks Ss to answer questions in Ex b. -T asks Ss to check their answers with their partner. -T goes around and monitors/takes notes for Feedback.

Pre-listening task/Exercise C (3-6 minutes) • To get students to predict issues/problems that Helen may encounter

-T asks students to work in groups of three and write a list of problems that they think Helen may face in her journey. -T asks each group to stick their list on the walls and get the groups to walk around and check/compare each other's lists.

While-listening (4-8 minutes) • To help students listen for gist

-T plays the audio 1 to 3 and gets Ss to check if their predictions are correct. -Now, T moves to Ex. E page 20 and uses phone call 4 and 5. -T tells Ss they are going to listen to Helen and see if she was able to finish her trip. -T plays audio phone call 4 and 5 (play audio till the end). -T asks Ss to check their answers with their partner.

Listening for details (2-7 minutes) • To practice listening for detailed comprehension

-T Moves to Ex.F. Page 20. -T gives Ss handouts with questions about the rest of Helen's trip (Phone call 4 and 5). -T asks Ss to work in pairs and discuss these questions. -T gets some ideas from Ss -T plays audio 4 and 5. -T asks Ss to check their answers with their partner. -T gives Feedback if needed.

Post-listening task (2-8 minutes) • To encourage student to react to the text

There are two options for the post-listening stage and depending on time the teacher chooses one. Here they are: -T asks Ss to summaries the main ideas of the listening and say if they find interesting about Helen's experience. or -T asks Ss to talk about any previous experience of travelling they had before. -T give Feedback to warp up the lesson.

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