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Receptive skill
Beginners level


In this lesson, learners will get familiar with different shop hours in Greece,Japan and Egypt and will learn the meaning of some new words through the text.


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Abc English unlimited starter reading text on page 28

Main Aims

  • To provide a situation in which their ability of reading comprehension
  • To provide the Ss with situations in which their ability of reading comprehension can be assessed and improved

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification for and review these vocabulary words: some, few, most, church, and mosque


Warm Up and Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson the context, engage students with the topic of the reading

The word "shopping" is written on the board. Then they are asked two questions that engages their thoughts with the topic of the reading and they will be asked to have a conversation in pair and and answer the questions. The conversations will be monitored, and the possible errors and mistakes will be noticed and later on referred to and corrected on the board.

Vocabulary Presentation (10-12 minutes) • to pre-teach the unfamiliar vocabulary items before the reading

A map of the three countries that are introduced in the text is given to the Ss with different number of churches and mosques in each country. The Ss then will be asked questions that contain the words "few', "some" and "most" as well as "church" and "mosque". Since this also introduced the three countries that are in the text, it gives the class a smooth transition into the next step.

Gist Task (3-5 minutes) • To set the gist task in order to engage the Ss with the general idea of the text

The gist question of the text goes on the board and the Ss are supposed to answer it after a quick skimming of the text.

Detailed Task (5-7 minutes) • to further engage the Ss into the details of the text and enhance their understanding of it

The Ss will be asked to do the exercise that is provided to them after they read the text for a second time and carefully. They will then share their answers in pairs and then each pair will provide the class with the answer to one or the statements in the detailed task section. The vocabulary items that are pre-taught in the beginning of the session will go on the board and stay there for further use in the next section of the class.

Post Reading Activity (8-10 minutes) • to provide the Ss with the opportunity to use the newly learned and priorly known vocabulary items in conversation

To create a situation in which every student gets to present their improved knowledge of vocabulary, each student is given a card that contains the following information about one country: Flag Name Shop opening hour Shop closing hour Students then stand in two rows and one by one in front of each other and start producing sentences such as given in the text of the reading, but this time, about the country on their cards. Every time the teacher claps, each student moves one step to the right (tank roll). This goes on until all students have paired at least once. In case the teacher monitors any errors or mistakes, they Ss won't be stopped and those errors and mistakes will go on the board for further exploration and correction.

Fill-In (3-5 minutes) • to have a quick review and correct the errors and mistakes made during the exercises

This step will take place in case there is a remaining two to three minutes at the end of the class. The mistakes and errors on the board are addressed and corrected. As for the review, the vocabulary items on the board are addressed, said out loud, repeated by the Ss and the meanings are once again checked.

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