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Home habits
Touchstone 2, Unit 8, Lesson D level


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about home habits

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about routines


Engagement (10 minutes) • For Ss to know the topic and get in the context

T tells Ss some of her home habits and expose Ss to the word habit and elicits the meaning CCQ: Is brushing teeth a habit? yes Is inviting friends not very often a habit? no T pre-teaches: disorganized, food container PW:T asks Ss to talk about their home habits to their partner FB T asks Ss to do A and compare to a partner adding information FB ask Ss to say their partners habits

Study(reading) (25 minutes) • For Ss to be able to read a text for gist, specific information and more details and talk about habits

T asks Ss to look at the title and say what the reading is about T asks Ss to look at the picture and guess one of the home habits. reading for gist: "whose habits are these people commenting on the website?" reading for specific information: "read Martin's comment and find out his unusual habits" T asks Ss to tell their partners his unusual habits. FB T asks Ss to read the other 3 comments and tell their partners their habits then T checks the answers with the class T asks Ss to work in pairs and say which ones they find unusual reading for more details: T asks Ss to read the website again and discuss the Qs of part C T asks Ss to highlight the new words and in groups of 3 find out the meaning weather other members explain or look them up in their dictionaries.

Activation/Engagement for part 2(listening) (10 minutes) • for Ss to activate reading and be better able to talk about their habits

CW: T asks Ss to go around the class and ask everyone what unusual thing they do after they get home and find someone similar. FB

Study(listening) (15 minutes)

T asks Ss to look at the pictures and guess what's happening in each picture. listening for gist:T asks Ss to listen and check their answers T asks Ss to discuss if the do any of the things when they get home with their partners FB listening for specific information: T plays the recording again and asks Ss to order the pictures. listening for more detail:T asks a student to read the Qs of part 2C aloud and then plays the recording again for Ss to answer the Qs. Ss check their answers in pair FB T gives Ss the Audio script and asks them to underline frequency adverbs to raise their awareness and recycle the language.

Activation/speaking (10 minutes) • to activate target language in listening

PW: Ss ask and answer about their everyday life. e.g. What do you do before you have dinner?

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