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Nightmare Jobs
pre-Intermediate level


In this session, students will listen and read a reading in the context of shopping,first .Then they will have another reading in the context of jobs. The title of the reading is "nightmare jobs". They are going to read for specific reasons. Then, they will have a discussion about their experiences to personalize the activity. Grammar will be the last part of today. They are going to practice the differences between "past simple and present perfect". There will be both controlled and freer practice.


Abc Nightmare jobs

Main Aims

  • To provide scan reading practice using a text about nightmare jobs in the context of jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of jobs


lead in (5-7 minutes) • To engage students

First, I will ask just two or three students to tell me about their jobs and bad experiences. Then, I will give them the HOs , and ask them to match the words with definitions in pair. ICQ: Are you going to do it alone?Are you going to speak? Do you need a pen? I will write the answers on the board and ask them to make sentences with the words.

While-reading (18-23 minutes)

First, I will show pictures of drowning and falling. I will ask what happens if we see them when we're sleeping and I elicit the word "nightmare". I will write "nightmare jobs" on the board and I will tell them that they are going to read about people talking about nightmare jobs and I will ask them to guess their jobs. There are three people talking about their jobs in the article, I will cut the stories and I will give each student a different story. I'll give them 3 minutes to read alone and then I will ask them to talk about the person in groups of three and choose who had the worst nightmare job. After that, I will pre-teach the words " disgusting, ask for permission, and nasty".I will teach "disgusting" through a story, "ask for permission" with a picture and "nasty" by miming and explaining. CCQs: disgusting: Is it a positive adj. or negative ? Am I happy? Nasty: Do I feel relaxed? ask for permission: Is it a good action or bad? does it just happen in schools? I will give them the HOs of the complete text, then they should read and complete the sentences with the words. I will write the answers on the board.

Post-reading (10-15 minutes) • To personalize the task

I will ask students to stand up and talk to as many people as they can for five minutes. Then, I will ask them to sit in groups and talk about their friends. I'll get feedback .

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