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Elementary level


Abc HO

Main Aims

  • Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • Set the Context

T tells ss that in this session were going to look at if certain things are 'illegal, write on board and ask ss to repeat the word. Show ss or draw a logo like no smoking sign and elicit what ths means.T: No smoking, thats right, it's illegal to smoke here. T Concept check illegal. Am I allowed to steal/take clothes without paying? ss anser no it's illegal.1-2 more CCQ for illegal. Next as lead in present 3 hypothetical laws from 3 different countries; write on board, when finished ask ss to decide with their partner if its illegal. ie. White people owning land in Zimbabwe.

Focus on Lang (10 minutes) • Introduction to the grammar: Must, Musn't Needn't.

T CCQ ss understanding of Must, Musn't and Needn't.T writes these on the board and ask ss to repeat and monitor ss pronounciation. T: If I'm told I must (emphasise tone) do something-like go to the police station, do I have a choice. ss no. T thats right it's an obligation. T I must, point to it on the board. T: If I Musn't drive fast is it allowed or not allowed? T: If I needn't have a TV licence is it necessary or unnecssary. T monitors ss responses and writes answers on wb. Teacher to read out first 2 sentences from Must, Musn't Needn't paragraph. T splits ss into PW to read the rest of the article and place the subject, modal verb, base verb and object in the right place for each statement. T could write the first statement on the board and ask ss as a group where the grammar points belong. remaining 2 to be done by ss. As students are finishing T could write last 2 statements. WGFB T to elicit from group the answers and write on the board.

Ex 1 (5 minutes) • Students to write different sentences using the words in brackets

Ask students to work through the 6 different sentences using the words in brackets, T to read out first example in text. T to split ss into pairs. WGFB on answers.

Ex 2 (5-7 minutes) • Use of must/must't with a verb.

T to split ss into different pairs and ask them to complete the sentences, 1-6, with must or mustn't and a verb. T to read out the first example cited in text. T to monitor. WGFB.

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • Ex 1 Speaking

T to split ss into different pairs. T to tell ss you are going to make some classroom laws. Ask them to read through phrases.Are they for the teacher, the ss or the teacher and the ss. T to monitor vocab. WGFB.

Ex 2 (5-10 minutes) • Ex 2 Speaking

Ask pairs to take it in turn to to make sentences with the phrases in Ex 1. Instruct ss to use must, musn't and needn't. T to monitor. WGFB to see what ph

Discussion (5-10 minutes) • Work in pairs

SS to read the article about smoking and discuss the questions/

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