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TP 3/ Vocabulary/ adjectives and nouns/ personality
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn new vocabulary: adjectives and nouns describing personality in the context of horoscopes. The meaning, form and pronunciation of these words will be presented through the context of the text. They will also develop speaking skills.


Abc hand-out with exercises from the SB

Main Aims

  • To provide review, clarification and practice of adjectives and nouns describing personality in the context of horoscope

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in the conversation about different star signs


Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • To revise the names of star signs and involve Ss into the context of the lesson

First, I will ask Ss if somebody likes and reads horoscopes. I am sure, some of them do, and then I will elicit Ss to remember the star signs. I am planning to draw zodiac circle on the WB, give each student two pieces of paper with the picture of this or that sign and with the name of the star sign. They are supposed to come up to WB, name the sign with the correct pronunciation and stick the picture and the name on the right place. When the whole circle is completed, we can read the names loudly one by one.

presenting the new vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • to introduce the new vocabulary, providing definitions, parts of speech and pronunciation

Today we are going to become very experienced astrologers and tell people about their lives. Let's test you a little bit. Think of the adjectives to describe personality and horoscope. Ss do the task in pairs first and then check WC. (is well-organized, has very good people skills, kind, strong, honest, worried, a good listener, gets bored quickly and so on....) But to become more experienced we have to know more words to describe them. Let's check whether you know these words or not. Then the teacher gives the matching exercise on the board: adjectives describing personality - definitions. Ss do this task in pairs and then T gets WCFB to check the answers. While checking I am asking CCQ: 1. ambitious: Iz he lazy? Is he full of energy? Does he spend all his time and effort on being sucsessful? 2. emotional: Does the person have strong emotions? Are his emotions usually good or bad? 3. imaginative: Is this person old-fashioned? Does he create new different and exciting ideas? 4. intelligent: Is this person bad at thinking and understading? Does he have a lotof knowledge? Is he smart and bright? 5.patient: Does this person like to wait? I he angry or upset? Is he able to wait for a long time? 6. independent: Does he like to do things alone? Does he need help? Does he depend on other people? 7.skilled: Does he have the experience to do smth? Does he have any special abilities? 8. sensitive: Is she indifferent to other people's problems? Does this person care about other people? Drill the words for pronunciation and help Ss notice the stress.Then write the words on the WB, transcribe items phonemically and mark the stress.

practice of the new vocabulary in the context of the text (7-10 minutes) • To check Ss' understanding of the definitions in the context of the text

T changes the grouping and asks Ss to scan the text and find the information to the following questions: Which star signs are intelligent and imaginative? Which star signs are ambitious and indepenent? Which star signs are patient and skilled? T checks the answers WC, focusing on pronunciation when necessary.

adjectives vs nouns (5-8 minutes) • to introduce the new vocabulary (nouns) in the context of the text, if necessary providing definitions and pronunciation

T asks Ss to read the text one more time to find the nouns in the text for the adjectives they learnt before. T gives an example first, then Ss work in pairs. Ask Ss to write the nouns on the WB one by one, focusing on the pronunciation when necessary.

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • To develop speaking skills

Ss read their horoscopes and decide if its true or false for them and discuss with pairs. If it is not true for them can they find one which is more like them.

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