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Elementary level


Being active


Main Aims

  • My main aim in this lesson will be for the students to practice their speaking skills by productively use the vocabulary & pronunciation they have learnt in the previous lessons.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim will be present perfect grammar


Lead in (8-8 minutes) • Setting the context for the lesson

introduce context by telling students about my brother & my sister & what they do at the weekend. asking what they think about their activities, see if I can elicit "active" and "not active" draw it on a scale and add quite active in the middle. CCQ; do you think my sister goes to the gym a lot? CCQ: do you think my brother gets up early?

Grammar (8-8 minutes) • Test grammar from prev lesson

To ensure the Ss understood the grammar from Methap & Erhans lesson, I will put students in groups of 4 (Pair stronger Ss together, as I will adapt the questions making then slightly more difficult) and correct the mistakes for different subject+verb combinations. Using peer checkback Ss can go around the class and correct/check each others answers.

Guessing how active is you partner (7-7 minutes) • Grammar

Show Ss H/O 1 and give an example by doing the 1st question with them. "I think he/she plays tennis" To check they understand 'guessing' I will ask ICQ; Has (Ss) told me they play tennis?….. no because I am guessing etc. Give the Ss 5 minutes ( I have again designed slightly adapted ones for the stronger Ss)

Questions (6-6 minutes) • adapting statments to questions

Give out 2nd HO Ss will use the target language to adapt their guesses into questions and will then ask their partner ticking the relivant box with the answers

Feedback (8-8 minutes) • speaking

Look at your guesses- how many did you guess correct, decide if you think your partner is active (hands up) (whole class FB) move the pairs around Tell your new partner “I think (Ss) is (e.g.) because she plays tennis at the weekend Etc

Role play (8-8 minutes) • Giving Ss freer practise

Freer practise activity- role play. give all the Ss cards with either, quite active, very active, not very active, coach potato & busy bee. Explain the 'fun' terms to the students 2mins Go around ask questions like when do you get up? CCQ: What time would a busy bee get up?

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