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45 minute listening-based lesson plan
beginners level A1 level


In this lesson students learn more about booking a table in a restaurant through listening to an audio based on a phone call between a customer and a restaurant officer. This lesson will go throughout many stages: 1- warm-up/ lead-in: to prepare students for the listening. 2- pre-listening: to make the audio more accessible. 3- while-listening 1: to provide students with less challenging task (listening for gist). 4 While Listening 2: to provide students with more detailed listening. 5- post-Listening: to give the students to respond to the listening productively.


Abc blank papers and pens

Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist by checking predictions and asking questions. to practice listening for details by answering questions. - To learn how to communicate in booking a table in a restaurant.
  • By the end of this lessons, Students will be able to

Subsidiary Aims

  • - To practice conversation skills by discussing the audio main points with group members.


warm-up (5 minutes) • To make sure that students are prepared to the lesson

-T greets Ss and asks how are you today? -T shows Ss a picture of a restaurant and asks them whats your favorite kind of restsurants? -T shows Ss a photo of pictures and words together on one line to decode (picture of a book +ing beside it and a picture of a table and letter N and a picture of restaurant -T asks students can you guess what's today's session about? -T listens to the Ss discussions to elicit the topic " booking a table in a restaurant". -T writes the topic on the board and discuses the the meaning of word "book" in this context.

Pre-reading (5 minutes) • to make the listening audio more accessible.

-T gives Ss certain forms of times and asks Ss to put them in the correct group in a chart (Ss work in pairs). -T asks students CCQ's to check their understanding of the given activity.

While-listening 1 (10 minutes) • Listening for gist.

-T gives Ss a sheet contains 6 multi choices questions. -T gives Ss 3 minutes and asks Ss to read the questions carefully to get the answers from the record. -T plays the audio. -T asks Ss to answer the questions. -T monitors Ss and checks the answers.

While-listening 2 (15 minutes) • To provide Ss with more chalenging details in the listening Task

-T gives Ss six sentences to arrange the same order as the phone call in the listening activity. -T asks Ss to read the Ss well. (4 minutes) -T plays the record. -T asks Ss to arrange the sentences. -T monitors and checks if Ss got the answers easily, she discusses the answers with them. -If Ss have difficulties to get the answers, T says no problem if you didn't get the right order and plays the audio one more time. -T checks Ss' answers in the white board. T underline and extracts the expressions used in the phone call like ( can ...I? how many...?what time...?is it possibl...? is it ok...?) and elicits from Ss when these expressions are used (the meaning).

Post-listening (10 minutes) • Communicative activity encourages Ss to apply what they have learnt in the listening task..

-Ss work in pairs to make a similar phone call to book a table in a restaurant using the expression used in the listening task and discussed together. T monitors the Ss to encourage , evaluate Ss during their speaking task and corrects the errors. -T gives Ss feedback and thanks them.

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