Past Simple Lesson, Speaking & Listening
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will practice Past Simple Tense with speaking and listening activities. Also, they will have a chance to improve their writing skills.


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Main Aims

  • Integrated skills speaking/listening. To provide students speaking practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary, adjectives, talking about their experiences in Past Tense.


Warm-Up / Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

The teacher sticks two pictures on the white board (the picture from (cold) Scotland and (hot) Nigeria) elicits the Sts which countries they might be and then holds several words related to those countries such as "hot," "cold", "sunny", "Africa", "winter", "snow", "snowman", "boiling", "Europe" and asks them to associate the words with the pictures. She asks them if it snows in Nigeria. Later on, the T will ask: "Have you ever been to Nigeria or Scotland? Would you like to? Why/Why not? What are the differences between these two countries?" The Sts discuss about these questions in pairs, then some students are encouraged to share their ideas with the whole class. (Note: T should keep her/his instructions simplified to make the Sts understand what they are going to do.)

Introduction To The Topic / Before Listening (2-3 minutes) • To prepare students for the listening activity and pre-teach words that are related to the recording.

The T elicits the words like "remember", "memory/memories", "to grow up in (the UK)", "move to (Scotland)" via examples and gestures and writes the words on the board as well as the parts of speech of each word with the students' reference.

Listening Section (2-3 minutes) • To get students' attention to the topic and to prepare them for the following speaking activity.

The teacher shows a picture of any Nigerian girl and explains that "her name is Onyinye and she was born in Nigeria but grew up in Scotland. She talks about the memories of moving to Scotland shen she was a child." Before playing the recording ask them ""what differences between Nigeria and Scotland do you think she will talk about?" They discuss this question in pairs. The first listening is for the main idea. Later on, T plays the recording twice but before she distributes study sheets on which Sts can find some statements about Onyinye and they will be asked to circle the correct statement during the listening activity. T checks the answers with the whole class.

Follow-Up / Cline (3-4 minutes) • To provide students new words and adjectives.

The T writes "Good", "Bad", "Both" on the white board and hands out 10 colourful papers to 10 Sts for Cline activity. This is aimed to teach them the adjectives and words that are related to good and bad experiences. T builds those words up in three columns on the board such as "It was exciting, It was boring OR It was interesting." (Note: Sts may not be familiar with the words like "exciting", "strange", "a terrible time" so, the T provides some example sentences to elicit the meaning of such words.)

Follow-Up / Productive Tasks / Speaking Activity (5-8 minutes) • To give students some situations to encourage them for speaking practice.

The T distributes papers which includes some statements (write down two important events in your life) and asks Sts to write down two experiences of their lives. Beforehand, T writes two events from his/her own life on the board such as: Ex 1: I went to Bali Island two years ago, and it was an exciting experience. We had a great time with my husband. Ex 2: I worked in Kindergarten. It was very difficult but I had lots of fun with the kids. Sts will be given 4 minutes to wirte down their memories and later on they tell about them to their partners. Afterwards, they all stand up and mingle with different people with the same activity. (Note: T should monitor the Sts to see their mistakes and should correct if there is any mistake with the form of the Past Tense).

Follow-Up / Speaking Activity (5-12 minutes) • To let Sts deep understanding of the topic and more practice with the Past Simple Tense via speaking practice.

As a follow-up of the previous activity, the T prepares the Sts for the next stage by choosing one of her sentences (about Bali memory and Kindergarten experience) and adds brief notes in answer to the four questions that will be written on the white board: When did it happen? Two years ago... Where did it happen? in Bali, at work... What happened? We enjoyed our time, we got married... How was it? It was exciting, I had a terrible time... T lets Sts write down their answers individually first, and then asks them to discuss in pairs. If time allows, T asks some Sts to share their memories with the whole class. Later on, T asks them to work in 4 groups of 5 people. They do not look at their notes and ask question like "When did you get married?" and the others reply as "It was three years ago."

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