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TP 6:
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson ss will read a text about a fashion victim so the lesson will follow the stages of a receptive skill which is here reading. The lesson starts with a discuss of fashion and some vocabulary concerning this topic. Later, there is a pre teach vocabulary stage and get ss interested in the topic then a skim activity to look for a gist for the text. This is follow by a reading for detailed information exercise and a post reading activity to discuss what ss have read and give their opinions.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim is to increase the ability of ss to read the text and to do the exercises realted to a receptive skill very well in the context of fashion victim

Subsidiary Aims

  • to introduce ss to some vocabulary related to the topic "fashion".


stage 1 (5-6 minutes) • A lead in

Get ss interested in the topic and introduce them to fashion and which type they prefer old-fashioned or fashionable clothes

stage 2 (10-11 minutes) • test ss on the vocabulary they know and introduce them to the new ones they do not know

I will ask ss: Do you know some clothes names? Then I will give them a handout to match the clothes to the appropriate picture. They will have 1 minute, and the instructions will be: match the words to the pictures you have 1 minute. The feedback will be a handout

stage 3 (10-11 minutes) • pre reading tasks

I will show ss the picture and ask them to discuss in pairs why the man on the right is wearing those clothes? and who is the man on the left? I will give them 1 minute. Then after discussing this and give the FB I will ask them to read the text and choose which title is suitable for this text they will have 2 minutes to read then to discuss in pair after pre teaching them some vocabulary from the text.

stage 4 (7-8 minutes) • reading for specific information

Ss will given 2 minutes to do the exercise true or false and search for the right answers in the text. They will check their answers in pair then a whole class FB.

stage 5 (8-9 minutes) • post reading activity

students will discuss what they have read and say their opinions in pairs then share it in groups to make it more interesting and to exploit the text more

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