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Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, studens will practice their listening through gist listening and a gap-fill activity will follow it. During lesson students will learn new vocabulary and will learn new things about functional language through dialogue matching activities and drilling.


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Main Aims

  • Listening: To provide practice for gist and detailed information and help students deduce functional language.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and Speaking: To practice finding gist and detailed information by listening and provide fluency and accuracy through speaking


Lead-in (8-8 minutes) • To engage students with the lesson

Draw a man on the board or show them a picture and ask students to guess what his problem is by asking some questions to the teacher. Does he have headache? Does he have stomachache? Can he sleep well etc. Pre-teach awful-prescription-write a letter CCQs to check the understanding. Then, present the form, drill the pronunciation and stress if necessary.

Listening/gist/detailed (13-15 minutes) • To give students practice for fluency and prepare them for the next stage.

The teacher tells students that they are going to listen to an audio. There are two patients. They go to the doctor's. What are their problem? Are they really ill or nothing important? After listening, take some fb and tell sts the correct answer. Then tell sts that they are going to listen to the dialogue again and this time they will fill in the gaps in the text they are given. Give the answer key and put students in groups or pairs and discuss the meanings of the vocabulary in 1 or 2 minutes.

Functional Language (10-10 minutes) • to present the target language and raise the awareness of the target language

Tell Ss that they are going to categorize the sentences on the paper, on which there are extracts taken from the listening. If they think a patient said this sentence they have to put it in patience part or w(p) next to the sentence. If they think a doctor said the sentence they need to put it in the doctors part or (d) next to the sentence. Take whole class FB. Give the vocabulary's meaning and form and write them on the board with their collocation. Drill the pronunciation and stress.

Functional Language/Practice (5-5 minutes) • to prepare Ss for the speaking part and provide accuracy and raise awareness

Show students the material and tell them to fill in the gaps with the phrases from categorisation exercise. Listen and check the the answers.

Speaking (10-10 minutes) • to increase fluency in speaking and to rehearse for the role play in the next lesson.

Put Ss in pairs and give them a page on which some symptoms are written. Ask Ss to answer what may the reason be for the symptoms and what are their suggestions? When they finish their own task, ask them to pass their page to another pair so they will work on a different illness. Take whole class feedback.

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