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Longleat Speaking Lesson
Elementary level


Abc Longleat & Regent's Park handouts
Abc Points cutouts

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of a day out at the zoo

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of animal words in the context of the zoo


Lead-in (ANIMAL PICS & NAMES) (4-5 minutes) • Students get motivated and talkative

Put animal pictures on board or around room and ask students to match the animal names to the correct picture. (12 words - 6 on each table) WGFB - check answers are correct - ask students which is their favourite animal - ask students which is scary

Categorise the animals (5-6 minutes) • Students learn which group animals belong to

Write headings on board. In pairs, students discuss which category each animal belongs to: 1 - wild animals 2 - farm animals 3 - pets (2 mins) Swap pairs. WGFB - stick pictures under headings.

McheckFP (6-7 minutes) • Students improve their understanding and pronunciation of the words

Form - one by one, write the words on the board next to the picture. Elicit - nouns. Elicit - plurals of difficult ones (wolves, sheep, mice) Pronunciation - elicit stress and mark it on board. Drilling - especially the tricky ones (wolf, wolves, etc) Then test! Remove animal names from board and elicit by pointing to pictures only.

Skim-read (((TWO TEXTS))) (5-6 minutes) • Students skim for ideas

Give students the texts. Read about two places un the UK where people go for a day out. Which place is more interesting, do you think? Why?

Scanning (5-6 minutes) • Scanning in pairs

Tell them to read very quickly in PAIRS, ONLY to find out: Half the class will be team Longleat, half will be Regent's Park. LONGLEAT: 1 - how do you travel around the safari park? 2 - which animals can you see there? 3 - can you visit Longleat house? 4 - where does the gorilla live? (3 mins) REGENT'S PARK: 5 - When did London Zoo first open? 6 - Is the theatre open in October? 7 - How many places to eat are there in the park? 8 - Where can you hire boats from? (3 mins) Swap teams, WGFB. Which place is more fun? Why? (ANSWERS: 1 - in your car; 2 - monkeys, wolves, lions, tigers, gorilla; 3 - yes; 4 - on an island in the middle of the lake; 5 - 27th April 1828; 6 - No, open til September; 7 - six; 8 - Boathouse Cafe on the lake.)

Controlled Practise (5-6 minutes) • Students talk!

Give an example to students, then students speak in pairs. (2 mins) Think about the last time you went to the zoo. Which animals did you see? (When I went to the zoo I saw.....) Which animals do you want as a pet? (I want.... because....) Which animals don't you like? (I don't like.... because....) Swap pairs (2 mins) WGFB

Freer practise (POINTS CUTOUTS) (5-6 minutes) • Students talk!

Picture of animal on students back. Other student must describe animal to them. Each time they guess correct, they take a point cut out, swap partners, repeat until time is up. Most points wins. WGFB - most points?? OR Half students represent Longleat, half represent London Zoo. Students mingle and convince others their place is best. When convinced, joins their group. Most wins.

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