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Likes & Dislikes CELTA 4
Elementary level


This lesson will focus on developing reading skills through gist and specific details tasks. It will start with vocabulary and grammar matching activities relating to likes and dislikes. Then, a blog will be introduced. There will be a true/false exercise that requires the class to look at highlighted text. Next, students will need to complete a multiple choice task that focuses on specific details. Finally, students will have the opportunity to discuss their own likes and dislikes in an open forum discussion 'question time'.


Abc Various pictures
Abc Matching and T/F and Multiple Choice Exercise sheets - Self Made
Abc Blog comments - Self written

Main Aims

  • To provide skimming and scanning practice using a blog text about likes and dislikes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To consolidate vocabulary and grammar taught in previous lessons for the purpose of speaking and reading fluency


Warmer / Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To build up a wider vocabulary base and review grammar for consolidation purposes

I will present the WC with various pictures to elicit vocabulary. Then give each pair of Ss a picture and ask them to place under the respective headings 'Like' or 'Hate'. Next, I will pose to random students Qs - Which do you like/hate?.....What does she/he like/hate?....

Pre - Reading (8-10 minutes) • Review grammar - like/hate + gerund form for reading task

I will divide the class into pairs. Each pair will be required to match verb cards with suitable object endings. WC check. Then I will give instructions for a group follow up grammar activity requiring completion of sentences using gerund forms and noting the present simple 2 form with 's'

Skimming (6-8 minutes) • Reading for gist

Students will be presented individually with the text and then given a short True / False exercise. This will require the students to focus on the bold print headings. *****************ICQs and time limit***************** WC check answers

Scanning / Reading (10-15 minutes) • to practise reading for specific details

I will ask class members to read the whole blog again on their own and more carefully. Then I will place Ss in groups to complete a Multiple Choice WS. ************ICQ and Time Limit*****************************

Post Reading Follow On Task (4-7 minutes) • to encourage discussion for speaking fluency; personalization

T will open 'Question Time" - What do you like/ hate? Students will pose the questions to each other and then provide WC feedback (If time permits - T may ask students to write their own little blog - ie. I like..I Love..I Hate....

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