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TP 1 Jobs and the verb 'to be'
Beginner level


In this lesson the students will practice the functional language of asking and answering about jobs and focus on forms/use of the verb 'to be' in present tense. They will review the previous lesson's vocabulary and practice using functional language by asking each other about jobs. They will complete a hand out exercise on use/form of the verb 'to be'.They will also do a mingling activity where they ask each other about jobs using flashcards with pictures of people from different professions.


Abc Straightforward Beginner SsBk U3a pg 25 Grammar Ex 1 & 2 Handout
Abc Reward Starter Resource Pack No 2 Flashcards

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in the functional language of asking and answering about jobs and to focus on the forms and use of the verb 'to be' in present tense.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and practicing jobs vocab


Warmer (3-6 minutes) • To re-introduce the Ss to me, review jobs vocab from previous lesson and set the context of the lesson

T will introduce herself. T will use flashcards from previous lesson to review jobs vocab and elicit sentences by drilling the students (holding up flashcards). Ss will practice pronouncing and remembering the job vocab.

Functional Language Practice (What do you do?) (10-12 minutes) • To get Ss to practice asking and answering questions about jobs

T will demo the language by asking a student 'what do you do?'. T will get students to practice asking each other in pairs. Ss will ask/answer the questions in pairs. T will monitor and prompt if necessary by giving some Ss cards if they are struggling to think of a job/getting bored. T will get FB on activity by asking Ss what their partner's job was. T will correct some common errors by writing them on board and getting Ss to correct by asking 'is this ok?' etc.

Grammar exercise focusing on the verb 'to be' in present tense (10-12 minutes) • To learn and use the different forms and use of verb 'to be'

T will write sentences to introduce the grammar based on the example box from Straightforward Beginner Bk on board and explain using hand gestures and drill a few examples. T will give example from grammar HO T will give Ss the Straightforward Grammar HO and ask them to try and fill it out first by themselves. ICQ (if needed) 'are you working alone or together?' Ss will fill it out and then check in pairs WC will check together using write up on WB and T will get FB this way

Practicing functional language 'what do you do?' WC speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • To practice using functional language, the verb 'to be' present tense and jobs vocab through a whole speaking activity

T will hand out flash cards and check that the Ss know how to say the job that they have been given. T will give instructions: This (indicating the card) is your new job. We are going to a party. What questions can we ask each other? Ss will hopefully suggest 'what's your name?' etc T indicates to students to stand up and demonstrates with a student then indicates for everyone to start mingling. Ss mingle and ask questions. T gets Ss to sit back down FB: Ask Ss 'what's your job, what's his job?' etc to check T writes up some common mistakes on the board to do whole group error correction eg asking 'is this sentence ok?' 'what's wrong with this?' etc

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