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Teaching Prac 7
Intermediate level


In this lesson, the ss will learn how to use relative clauses. The differences between non defining and defining relative clauses are also gonna be focued on. After the clarification the ss will practice their knowladge about the target language with one controlled practice and one freer speking practice.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of relative clauses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency on practising relative clauses


Lead in and Building the Context (0-2 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the lesson

T will talk about the sleep he had last night trying to elicit the word dream which is going to be the context of the next stage's reading task.

Reading Task (4-7 minutes) • To contextualise and introduce the target language

T will give the ss a reading text HO that is prepared by the teacher. The ss will be introduced with the target language which is relative clauses. There will be the marker sentences in the text that is going to be used in the clarification stage. T will ask them to read quickly to find the most suitable title for the text. The options will be 'The Worst Dream Ever' , 'A Night with Spiders' and 'My Flatmate Emo'. The options will be easy to guess as T doesn't want to spend too much time on reading. The ss will check their answers with peers and FB will be done by WC

Clarifying Target Language (10-15 minutes) • Clarify meaning,form and pronunciation so learners can practice it

T will write the marker sentences that come directly from the reading text then will clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation. T will explain the differences between non defining relative clauses and definig relative clauses by providing some useful examples. Then the relative clauses that can be omitted will be explain on the WB. T will use ICQs and CCQs for the ss to have a guided discovery.

Language Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide controlled practice focused on using the TL accurately

T will give a HO that is adapted from two different exercises from In and out students book. The students will check with pairs and then the fast finishers will be nominated by the teacher to write the answers on the board. Error correction -if necessary- will be done by WC.

Language Practice 2 (depending on the time) (8-12 minutes) • To provide controlled practice focused on using the TL accurately

If there's enough time for the freer practice in the end, this stage will take place. The teacher will provide the ss with a semi controlled practice. On the HO given, there will be five words with three definiton each. One of the definitions will be true and ont of the rest will be written by the imaginaiton of the learner. They won't need to know the meaning of the words. The partners will try to guess which is the right definiton for the word.

Language Practice 3 (8-10 minutes) • To provide freer practice focused on using the TL accurately

T will write 30 different famous person's names in small papers and put them in a bag. Thes students will be expected to pick one paper that has a specific name on it. They will stick them to their foreheads without looking so they wont know who they are. Then they will mingle around the classroom and explain the famous person to eachother by practising target language.

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