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Speaking and Listening about Fashion
Upperintermediate level


In this lesson students are going to talk about fashion and I will pre-teach them some vocabulary about fashion. Also, they are going to listen to a conversation about fashion and have a quiz.


Main Aims

  • To provide Vocabulary related to talk about fashion and clothes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Listening to two people about the differences about men and women with regards to following fashion


Lead-in • Attract them to the topic

In this stage ss will talk about pictures about fashion and will answer a question to be motivated about this topic

Pre-teach Vocabulary • Make them ready for the listening part

I will pre-teach 5 vocabulary such as cardigan, blazer and chinos, all of which will be in the listening part.

Listening • To present ss with input to talk about the topic

The listening has 4 parts. Part one and 2 are speaking and parts 3 and 4 are listening about two people who talk about fashion.

Vocabulary • More vocab about clothes

In this stage ss will learn more vocab related to clothes in order to be able to talk about clothes more confidently.

Controlled Practice • Speaking practice

It is an opportunity for students to think about words related to clothes that they can wear on different parts of their body, for example, on their hand or neck.

Pronunciation • Check their pronunciation accuracy

Some words' pronunciation might be difficult for students. It is a good opportunity for them to check them.

Speaking • Activate their vocab about fashion

In this stage we are going to have a catwalk and students are going to comment on each other's clothes

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