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teaching practice 6.PAST
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In this lesson students will learn about affirmative form of simple past (regular and irregular verbs).


Abc Board & Marker

Main Aims

  • Language paste simple possitive

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading for specific information


Warmer (5-6 minutes) • To lead the class to the topic

When I start, the class is still on the context of Marks' reading so I'm using a context related to the tuk-tuk reading, which will be presented by a picture of tuk-tuk in my projection.it will be followed by some warm up questions like: Do you like traveling? Do you like to travel by tuk-tuk? then I'm going to give instruction and give them the hand outs which is the same passage but bold verbs, so they can take a look at the passage and compare it with previous one in groups.

Eliciting (6-8 minutes) • to lead them to figure the difference between irregular and regular verbs

I will draw a time line on the board, after asking when did she go to Bangkok? I will have some CCQs about a sentence from reading (she went to Bangkok in 2002).Before class I'm going to stick the present form of verbs around the class regulars one side irregulars on the other side.Before hand they see the difference between first and second text and they notice the past form of verbs. After , I'm going to ask them to take one card blue or pink and stick it under the present form of it. pinks are regular ones (as book suggested) and pinks are irregular ones. after this activity they notice the difference then, I will ask some CCQs to make sure they know about EDs.(Should we add ed to all verbs?) I'm going to show the next slide which shows the name of blue and pink forms and shows blues are verb + ed.

Controlled grammar exercise (5-6 minutes) • To get them to use the forms

I will give them a handout from our book and ask them to fill empty boxes with regular past form(ICQs). To save the color association, prints would be on blue paper. Early finishers can go to the board and complete the box there so everybody have the answer key.

Drilling and Pronunciation (2-4 minutes) • To check and practice their ED pornonciation

I ask them to put their blue papers away. I turn of the projector then I start drilling different verbs with different pronunciation at the end

Sub aim (7-9 minutes) • To use the grammar in a reading controlled productive activity

I'm going to introduce Mark Beaumont a person who traveled on bike and show them the text then demo them on how to do the exercise they work in pairs and groups(ICQs). Afterwards they will have the answer key on the board(they will write it).

semi-controlled practice. (10-15 minutes) • they can use the forms in their rel life

this exercise has three stages so I'm going to give and check the instruction one by one. First I want them to write five sentences about their experience, I will demo for that then I want them to share it with their groups and at the end they can share one sentence with the class.Each stage should have lots of ICQs

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