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B1Spm level


In this lesson, students predict from visual clues, listen to a story and join in a rhyme, find details in a picture and practise story language, sequence story events and make a story book.


Abc Incredible English CB pg 56
Abc PMB Pages 38-39

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about action vocabulary in the context of At The Park

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening practice


Revision and Review of Vocabulary from the last lesson (5-7 minutes) • Revision and Review of Vocabulary from the last lesson

Students revise and review vocab from the last lesson by playing Simon Says and repeating the chant they learnt at the last lesson

Listen and pont (7-10 minutes) • To set the context for the story

Talk about the pictures of today's story with the students. Ask them to name all the characters and actions they know: "Who's this? Bing can jump" etc. Ask them to predict what the story is about. Acknowledge their contributions and recast them if they are in Italian. Play the CD and ask the pupils to listen and point to teach frame.

Find the number and say (7-9 minutes) • Practise reading for detail

Talk to the Students about the silhouettes from the story. Explain that they have to look through the story, find each picture and write the number of the frame it is in. Give the Students a few minutes to find the pictures and write the numbers. Go through the answers with the class. Then ask the Students to try to remember what the character says in each case. Model the phrase and encourage the whole class to join in and practise in chorus.

Listen again and act (7-9 minutes)

Explain to the Students that they are going to listen to the story again, and mime it as they listen. Assign a character to each Student. Play the CD and encourage them to act their part. Encourage the pupils to say the words along with the recording.

Make a story book (10-15 minutes)

Tell the Ss that they are going to make their own story book.

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