Clothes lesson, Vocabulary and Grammar
A1 ,Beginner level


In this lesson,students learn about "Clothes" through guided discovery based on a listening exercise about clothes.The lesson starts with three questions about our clothes.This is followed by listening and vocabulary exercises where students learn the names of clothes.Finally,there are controlled practice through group and pair work activies.


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Abc Pictures and words matching

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Clothes word and lexis in the context of Clothes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of How much........? in the context of Describe our clothes and to ask their price


Stage 1 • To provide the students to practice about Clothes(I will ask three questions about clothes)

Ask three questions about clothes as warm-up session 1-What do you usually wear in winter? 2-What do students always wear when they are going to school? 3-What do women like wearing?

Stage 2 • To practice to use new words about clothes in a language activity

-Divide the students into pairs -Hand out each group some pictures about clothes -Hand out each group words about clothes -Tell match match with the pictures and words in three minutes -Check the answers in pairs

Stage 3 • To drill new words about Clothes

-Tell their names by using their names -Make them repeat(Drilling) -Try them to pronunce them correctly

Stage 4 • To provide a controlled listening

-Pass out a worksheet with exercise 1a -Divide them into pairs -Tell the students answer the exercise 1a with their pairs -Check the answers in pairs

Stage 6 • To introduce the new vocabulary by using correct form

-Write them on the board and give them some specific exercises about usage of new words (e.g:trousers-We always say trousers, we can't use it singular as trouser) (e.g:jeans-We always use it in a plural form) -Make them repeat by using them in a sentence(Drilling)

Stage 7 • To practice using vocabulary

-Pass out a worksheet with 'clothes' exercise -Divide the students into pairs -Give them four minutes to fill in the blanks -Check the answers in pairs

Stage 8(Look at exercise 1, which is at the bottom of the page,and fill in the blanks with your partner) • To provide a controlled writing and speaking practice for specific information

-Tell them answer the questions in 1a and 1b then answer the questions with their pairs. -Give them three minutes to answer the questions -Check the answers in pairs

Stage 9 • To provide a controlled listening practice(Listen and find what is the question is)

-Play track 83 -Tell them discuss the answers with their pairs -Check the answers

Stage 10 • To provide a controlled speaking practice by using new words(Ask them how much they are in your country?)

-Change their pairs -Ask them how much they are in their country? -Give them five minutes to speak with their new partners -Check the answers in pairs

Stage 5 • To provide to make sentences by using new words

-Go on with exercise 1b,2a,2b -Change their pairs -Tell them answer the questions with their new pairs -Check the answers

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