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Serdar Yılmaz/ 29.03.2016 / tp3 / Skills - Speaking
Beginners - A1 level


In this lesson, students will be able to talk about their family members and basic informations about them (age, job, name )


Main Aims

  • To provide speaking skills in the context of basic informations about family members.

Subsidiary Aims

  • vocabulary regarding family members name, job, age etc.


Warmer / Lead-in / Introduction / Presentation (15-18 minutes) • Setting up the lesson context and engaging students to TL.

Stage1) After greeting, T will arrange sitting in the classroom. For this stage Sts will sit in horseshoe set up. So they all can see the WB and eachother. First T will remind Sts name of the jobs they have studied last lesson (a quick review as Sts will need to use them later on the task) Then,T will introduse some of his family members on the WB aimimg to getting Sts engaged in English and TL. This will also be interesting and motivated for Sts to know about their T and being introduced to TL in the same time. Stage2) T will introduce Şeyda ( from the pictures ) asking 'what's her job?' Sts will reply. T: How old is she? by asking this T will getting Sts to focus on the context. Sts will answer questions, by doing that Sts will build awareness of the context. T will leave the questions on the WB. Also on this stage T will introduce related vocabulary of relatives and drill them. Stage3) T will use homework from last week and ask one St : what's your best friend's job? St will answer..T will say : İ am sorry, i didn't understand,' Can you repeat that please?' on this moment T will write the question on the WB as Sts will need this question on the next task coming. T will drill the question. And same for the question ' How do you spell that?' T reply St saying thank you, i know your best friend's name now but how do you spell that? St will reply, T will drill this question and write on the WB.

Controlled Practice /gap filling and speaking (15-18 minutes) • To make sure students will be able to talk and understand conversations about family members and basic information about them.

Stage1) Sts will work in pairs, A and B. Each St will have a copy of appropriate worksheet. Sts are not allowed to look at each other's worksheet. T will give instruction on this stage. Worksheets are about the family members with missing informations. Sts must ask their partner questions to complete the information about each person in the family. Stage2) T will elicit following questions from whole class and write them on the board : What's Barry's job? / How old is he? / What's his wife's name? / What'S Wendy's or her job? / How old is she? / What's their daughter's name? / What's her husband's name?.....T will drill these questions with the class. Stage3) Students work with their partner and take turns to ask questions about the people on their worksheet. When students have finished, they compare answers and check their spellings.

Production ( freer practice ) (8-9 minutes) • Sts to carry out activities to show they can use the tought language in a much freer way.

Stage1) T will set the classroom for group work activity. Sts A will be on the first group, Sts B will be on the second group. So, T will arrange sittings again based on two groups. This activity called True / False. T will explain and give instructions about the activity. Activity rule: One St from each group will come and pick a card from the front table. Run back to their groups. Ans discuss the information written on the paper regarding the families. Deciding if it is true or false and run back to WB to stick the paper on the write section. And this activity goes on till all the cards on the front table are finished. Stage2) Group with more right answers will win. T will share the answers and results. This activity will be an effective one for Kinaesthetic learners. Also Sts have to use TL and everything they learned to complete this activity in a much freer way.

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