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Working Animals Lesson
Upper Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson ss will learn collocations with 'get' and will have the opportunity to have a lot of practice. They will also learn few words that are relevant to the context and mentioned in L part. Ss will work on their receptive skill development for gist and detailed listening.


Abc Rewrite the sentences HO
Abc Vocabulary exercises HO
Abc Listening exercises HO
Abc Listening Tapescript HO

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of collocations with 'get', in the context of animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop L skills for gist and fluency


Stage 1 (Lead in) (5-6 minutes) • To warm up students to the topic

- Play 2 clips from the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale to introduce the idea of dog as a loyal friend and help to human. - After watching the videos pair them up and ask them to discuss what they've understood from the clips and what do they think happened (the context). - Nominate someone to FB - Give them the L HO and ask them to do exer. 1. They should discuss with their partner.

Stage 2 (Focus on vocabulary included in the upcoming L part) (6-8 minutes) • To introduce ss to the vocabulary in order to ensure a better understanding of the audio text)

- Project PPT pictures and try to elicit the words. If unsuccessful give some hints. - Project 'fill in the blanks exercise' and ask them to work in pairs to do it. - FB to the class and give examples of meaning/connotations/collocations using anecdotes. - Model then do a choral drilling

Stage 3 (L for gist and answering questions) (18-20 minutes) • to practise L for gist and detail, lead in vocabulary

- Tell them to have a quick look at exer. 2 and listen for gist, then do the exer. - Play the audio and do the exer. together - They're going to listen again, this time concenrating on the details to do exer. 3 with their partner. - Give them Tapescript HO to check their answers. - Ask them to discuss exer. 4 with their partner. - Try to elicit the TL by asking questions and lead them in vocabulary.

Stage 4 (Practising Language) (10-12 minutes) • To practise collocations with 'get'

-Ask CCQ When did you get involved in learning English? Would you like getting a pet? Do you get along with your partner? Are you close friends? What means do you use to get around the city? Public transport or your car? -Give them exer. 1 in vocab. part, do the first one as an example. -Give WC FB -Ask them to do exer. 3 in Work Book in pairs. Do the first one as an example. -Give them AK to check their answers.

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