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Listening to Family
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice their listening and reading skills in the context of a family business soap opera.


Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a recording about the family business

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a group conversation in the context of a TV show episode


Warm Up (3-4 minutes) • Refresh yesterday's material

Show PP of family tree. Elicit words from the images. -family tree -then filled in with the soap opera family (point and ask for their titles) Do you remember the business? (Pass out the HO) Who was the owner? And the chef? Is Clive happy with Lydia? How many children do they have? What happened to their other son? What was his name? Who is Eve King?

Question/answer (8-11 minutes) • Listening

Sts prepare to listen to the beginning of an episode of this Family Business soap opera. I'll be handing out a paper and I first want you to fold it in half so these first three questions are showing. Pass out Ensure they fold correctly. ICQ's -Are you going to work with a partner? -Which questions are we answering? PLAY Audio, OC for the answers Who can tell us what true and false means? Now, flip it over so 1-7 are showing. These are true and false statements. I'll give you a minute to read and then we'll listen again. OC again for the answers.

Guessing/Prediction (8-11 minutes) • Elicit sts to speak

Will need to elicit the concept of guessing/predicting. When you turn on the news, and they talk about the weather, do they know what the weather will be tomorrow 100%? What is that? Whats another word? Prediction, drill and write. What we're going to do now is form 4 groups. Organize.... One person will write down your ideas (pick the secretary and give them HO) Your ideas will be your prediction of how this episode will end. We listened to the first few minutes, now I want you to predict how it will end. Discuss with your group and have your secretary write down 5 ideas. CCQ: Do you think Darren will kill his sister Trudy? Do you think Lydia maybe will cry? ICQ: How many predictions are you going to write? Good, get started, you have 2 minutes. So now, i'm going to play the rest of the episode. Let's see if any of you were right. Now play track 21 Was your prediction correct? And yours? *praise Now, we're going to listen to it again and answer some questions. Last HO for 7b 1-8 Take a min to read through the questions. Quick retrieve answers OC

Next Episode (15-19 minutes) • Writing and Speaking

Now the fun part. In your groups of four, you will be making the beginning of the next episode for the soap opera. Talk with your team and decide what the episode will be about. Then choose 4 of the characters (refer to HO) and write down the story. I want you to take about 5 minutes to organize yourselves and I'll come around and help you out. Try to remember your script. Memorize your lines ok? Then each group will come up front and will show us their episode. Extra points for good acting ICQ: Are you writing the next episode for Yalan Dünya? no Are you going to act by reading from your paper? no

If Time FB (2-4 minutes) • Elicit sts to speak about other groups performances

Ask each group who's group was their favorite

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