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Annoying Rules
intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, ss learn some annoying rules through a listening task. They will hear some people complaining about some rules they find annoying.Ss will complete two tasks: one for gist and the other for detailed information. They will be asked to give their opinions whether they agree or not with those people. This stage will be followed by a freer practice in which the ss have to be more creative to impose rules for sth people do wrongly.


Abc ppt picture-computerised HOs

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, ss will have practised listening for gist and details in the context of annoying rules.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, ss will have practised meaning,form and pronunciation of some lexis and some useful language- they have exposed to in the listening stage.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T. tells ss that they are going to watch some pictures. Ss discuss the pictures and focus if they can see any connections between them. Ss discuss with their peers for 3-4 minutes. Icqs: Is it one or more than one picture?(More than one.) And you are going to talk about what?(the connection between them.) And how long will you talk to your partner?(3-4mins.) Feedback

Pre-Listening (2-3 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

T. tells ss that they are going to listen to people complaining about some rules. T. asks: What kinds of things do you think people will complain about? Open discussion T. doesn't confirm an answer. You will listen to the recording to see if you are right.

Pre-Teach vocab. (3-5 minutes) • Teach blocking vocabs. that may hinder understanding of the text.

Before listening I want you to look at some of the words you are going to come up in the text. LA is provided separately.

Listening #1(for gist) (3-5 minutes) • To give the ss the chance to have a general idea about the text and to arouse their interest.

Listen to four people complaining about some annoying rules and take notes in Hos. Icqs –Are you going to write a whole sentence or just take notes?(Take notes) How many people are complaining?(4) Let's listen and do the first one. Peer check WCFB

Listening #2(for detailed information) (4-7 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed matching task.

This time listen carefully to fill in gaps. Let’s listen and T. helps them to do the first one. Ss work alone. Check answers by giving a HO with correct answers. How far do you agree with these people?i.e do they have the right to say that? Open discussion

Listening for language (2-5 minutes) • To expose the students to some useful language to express complaints and annoyance.

T. asks ss what each person says to complain. Can you remember? T. may play the recording for the last time to help ss learn the useful language but this time for the first sentence only. Ss drill. T. writes sentences on the board.

Freer activity (3-5 minutes) • To provide the students with a productive skill activity where they can speak for fluency after a receptive skill lesson

If time allows, SS play the role of authorities. They work in groups to discuss some rules for things they find it annoying which people do and they shouldn't-from their point of view of course.

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