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Teaching Practice 6
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss are going to learn phrases and dialogues related to travel and traveling. In the first part of the episode of the listening story the Explore London tour have arrived at a guest house in Stratford-upon-Avon. Ss will get familiar with the problems that may happen while traveling. Later on Ss will work on Functional language: asking for permission as well.


Abc Audio Track
Abc Gap fill-out
Abc Matching Activity
Abc Rearrange Words
Abc Role Play
Abc Functional Language Chart

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about "Explore London Tour" in the context of Travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for Asking for permission in the context of Travel or every day life


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To make Ss ready for listening task

Teacher gives students some hints about the listening activity which they will listen to later on. "Herb and Hannah (the tourists from Texas) at first love the guest house as it is old and traditionally English. They are pleased that their guide book describes it as being friendly. many things happen there while they are staying in this guest house and they understand the guidebook description is completely wrong." Teacher can show some picture of guest houses and a guide book photo for a better understanding of Ss.

Listening for gist (3-4 minutes) • To get information about the speakers

Teacher reminds Ss about the characters Valerie Herb and Hannah then teacher asks Ss to answer these questions: Who is Valerie? a tour guide Where are Herb and Hanna from? Texas- USA Then teacher asks Ss to listen to the track and try to say which hotel from page 58 the Explore London tour visit. Answer: The Shakespeare Guest House

Listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • To ask Ss to listen to a track for specific information

Teacher shows four signs to students on the board (using OHP). then he/she checks the signs meaning with Ss to make sure that they understand them. Teacher tells Ss that they are going to listen to four conversations and they need to match each conversation to a sign (A-D). After listening Ss can check their answers in pairs and then teacher asks Ss to come to the board and write the correct conversation number next to each sign.

Listening for detail (5-7 minutes) • To ask Ss fill the gaps related to the conversation

Teacher ask Ss to listen to the conversation again but this time they have the script which has 10 gaps. Ss need to listen to the track and fill this handout. after the listening they can work in pairs check their answers if still they couldn't find the answers they can listen to the track again. Teacher put the conversation on the board by using OHP and asks Ss to come to the board and fill the gaps. Take FB if needed.

Functional Language (5-7 minutes) • To teach Ss Functional Language: Asking for permission

Teacher can scan the conversation and put it on then by putting it on the board he/she can underline some phrases related to asking for permission. First he/she elicits these phrases meanings from Ss then Teacher shows them the chart "Asking for permission" and "Responding". Teacher needs to drill the sentences with Ss.

Functional Language Practice (3-5 minutes) • Rearrange words to make questions in concept of Asking for permission

Teacher gives Ss handouts and asks the to try to rearrange these words to make questions. Teacher provides the answers by using an answer key.

Speaking (3-4 minutes) • To use the functional language

Teacher asks Ss to regroup then teacher asks each pair to work on these questions. take turns ask and answer these questions.

Role play (if time permits/Extra activity) (5-7 minutes) • Further Practice

If time permits teacher provides some ideas for Ss to practice functional language. Ss will work in pairs of A&B. A is a guest who goes to the Stratford Cenatral Hotel. Ask permission at reception. B is the receptionist in the hotel. Answer A's questions. One or two pairs can come forward and play their roles in front of the class.

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