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Teaching practice 2


In this lesson students learn the vocabulary on some foods and drinks and target language often, never, sometimes, everyday. They will also learn the structure I never/ sometimes/often +verb & I +verb +everyday. If there is spare time ss also learns the form I don't like ... (certain foods or drinks)


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of often, never, sometimes, always- I don't like in the context of food

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of nouns, in the context of food


STAGE 1 (7-10 minutes) • To review and practice vocabulary

-Teacher shows the picture of foods and asks SS to find the words -She makes PW and then gives the HO of ex 1 page 32 and asks the SS to match the words with the pictures. -She turns on the power point and tries to elicit the words for each picture she shows and doesn’t give the answers but asks the other SS if the answers are correct. -She then starts the recording and the power point at the same time to give answers both in audio and in visuals.

STAGE 2 (7-10 minutes) • Target language often and never

-Teacher shows pictures of Turkish food made with the food vocabulary just taught and asks the WC if they know the names for those food. -She collects the answers and than she gives the answers on the power point. -Teacher, then shows the picture of each meal again one by one and asks the SS by nominating whether or not they like that food. Teacher says to the ones that I like .., so you often eat ... ? And teacher tries to get the S to say I often eat … Teacher says to SS who say no I do not like liver , so you never eat live ? And teacher tries to get the S to say I never eat … -Teacher continues this exercise with 6 pictures in total. -Teacher, then tells the SS to listen to the audio and try to understand what Andre and Emma are saying. She tells the SS to fill in the blanks on the HO and she gets them to work in pairs. -She then asks the SS by nominating for the answers on the script and when they are done, she plays the audio and turns on the ppt slide at the same time for visual and audio answers at the same time.

STAGE 3 (5-7 minutes) • Target language sometimes and everyday

-Teacher makes several sentences with everyday and sometimes. She then forms group of 3 people each and wants them to learn about each other on what they eat sometimes and everyday. She writes everyday and sometimes on the board. -She then nominates the SS and asks what the other friend eats everyday and sometimes.

STAGE 4 (3-5 minutes) • Clarification of structure

-Teacher draws on the board a table to clarify the structure. I .......... eat meat. I eat meat ……… -She plays the audio 1,67 and says listen and lets find the answers in pairs -Teacher than explains the structure after collecting the answers from the WC.

STAGE 5 (5-7 minutes) • practice target language

-Teacher opens the slide with all the food vocabulary that she went over that day, she writes on the board I (often, sometimes, never) eat ….., I eat ……., everyday. -Teacher asks the students to tell each other in sentences I (often, sometimes, never) eat ….., I eat ……., everyday by using the foods on the slides or any other that they like. -Teacher asks them to give answers about their friend in the group to the WC.

STAGE 6 (5-7 minutes) • target language + drinks

-Teacher shows a slide asking students what they think the slide shows: drinks -Teacher elicits the names of drinks by miming. Teacher writes the names of the drinks the SS find on the board. (water, tea, coffee,) she mimes also some alcoholic beverages and elicits the names from the SS and writes the answers on the board. -She wants them to practice I … drink …../ I drink ….everyday. -She asks by nominating what they drink

STAGE 7 (5-7 minutes) • Target language I don't like

-Teacher says I don’t like liver, kokorech, lemonade. -She writes I don’t like …… on the WB and asks the WC what they don’t like and puts the foods slide on again and asks them to pick while talking.

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