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suggestions and offers TP 12 p.107
Elementary level A2 level


in this lesson, SS will speak about their birthdays and suggest some gifts to their friends. Also, they will know how to give suggestions and offers in many different situations and they are going to practice it.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of giving suggestions and making offers in the context of birthdays and other different situations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about conversation between two ladies in the context of birthday suggestions


lead-in (3 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic of the lesson.

After greeting the students and apologizing for the long day I'll ask them about their birthdays and what the presents they got in this day. T, asks everyone if they have the chance to suggest their birthday's gifts what they would suggest. discussing in pairs Eliciting some answers.

gist task (3 minutes) • To ensure LS are comfortable with the text before exploiting it for language.

T will play a record and ask the students to listen and try to tell me what these two ladies decided to do. Elicit some answers from the students. give them feedback according to the context of the record.

Highlight language (7 minutes) • to highlight the target language in the context

T will tell the students to look at the missing lines and write the number of the missing line to complete the dialogue individually first. Ask ICQU's to make sure that they understand. then check in pairs after they finished and give them a feedback to the whole class. OK, guys look at these six sentences again how many ways do we use to make a suggestion. and what about the offer. show them a slide on p.p written on it the ways of giving some suggestions and the ways of offering something.

Clarifying language ( meaning-form-pronunciation) (10 minutes) • 1-To provide clarification of meaning of the TL 2-to provide clarification of the form of the TL 3-to provide clarification of the pronunciation of the TL

I'll divide these different ways of giving suggestions and offering to do something in a table on a slide in p.p and eliciting from the students the meaning, the form and pronunciation and some examples of each one.asking the SS CCQU's to make sure they understand the target language.

Practice and feed back (10 minutes) • 1-to provide an opportunity for Ls to use the TL. 2-to praise good use of TL and to correct errors in TL.

controlled practice: T will ask the SS to look at practice num 1 put these sentences in the correct order individually then discuss in pairs after they finished then check with the whole class. free practice: gallery walk stick some pictures of some people who needs suggestions and ask the SS to move around and write the most suitable suggestion to each picture in their notebook. then T will divide the class into two or three groups and let them discuss in what they wrote and why. then elicit some interesting ideas and give them feedback about their use of TL.

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