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Copy of Scared to Death
Pre-intermediate - B1 level


In this lesson, students will learn about verb patterns through guided discovery based on a reading text about fears and phobias. The lesson starts with a warm-up about fear. This is followed by a starter about different types of fears and phobias that people may have and then a reading about a terrifying experience. Finally, there will be both free and controlled practice through exercises and a mad lib


Abc pictures
Abc large print out
Abc pictures
Abc large print out

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of verb patterns in the context of fears and phobias

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about fears and phobias in the context of walking on a dangerous footpath


Initial Warm-up (3 minutes) • Act out the scene

To review last session (which is my favourite style), I will receive a package and upon opening the package I will demonstrate my extreme fear.

Starter (3 minutes) • To brainstorm some related words about fear

To narrow down the warm-up, I will ask the students to guess what the contents of the box were and then will shift to some pictures on display to elicit the words and expressions related to fears. These words or their derivatives could be written via eliciting from Sts: scared - afraid - frightened - terrified - dangerous

Reading (8 minutes) • Indirect exposure to some language grammar via reading for gist

I will focus students on the photograph of El eamino del Rey. Later I will ask them questions: Does the path look safe? How would you feel if you had to walk across it? Then students will read the story quickly and will answer the questions.

Fill-in the gap (3 minutes) • Indirect exposure to some language grammar via fill-in the blanks task.

Students are asked to complete the text with the phrases in the box, then the recording is played so that they can check their answers.

Answering reading comprehension questions (3 minutes) • To write the answers in order to have further indirect practice with the verb patterns

Students are asked to work in pairs to answer the comprehension questions.

Board Game (3 minutes) • To match the verbs with ing / to

2 large prints of the reading are pasted on the WB. Students in groups will come to the board and match the verbs with the correct following ing / to form by looking at the text.

Hunting used-to (3 minutes) • "hunting" used to in the text

To help the students discover the used to and its verb pattern, I will ask them to come to the board and start underlining the patterns. A winner will come out of this game. I will explain the rule about used to and its pronunciation and difference with use as a verb. Then for further practice, I will ask every single student to read the sentence with used to as a practice. I would highlight at this point the difference between Is! in Iju:stu! and the Iz! in the verb to use Iju:z!. I will make sure they pronounce the weak form of to ltu!, or It';)/.

fill-in the gap (3 minutes) • Answering the questions

Sts look at the text and answer the questions.

Grammar (5 minutes) • Sts work in pairs to drill the grammar

Now that rules are explained, it is time for the sts to work in pair to write answers and fill in the gaps or choose the correct answers. I will monitor them and if anybody makes a mistake I will try to help them.

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