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TP 3
Elemantary A1 level


In the lesson, prepositions of place will be taught- from/in/near- using a range of activities. Activities will range from reading a text and choosing the correct answer, completing a written dialogue and a semi-controlled speaking activity. Overall, Ss will understand and use the grammar focus with plenty of speaking practise.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of prepositions of place using, from/in/near about cities and countries.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise and develop speaking fluency using the topics in the lesson.


Lead in. (5-6 minutes) • To engage Ss in the grammar topic.

T starts the lesson by asking Ss what they learnt from the previous lesson. Introduces the lesson by showing a power point slide. T shows a slide show of famous people on the board such as, David Beckham and Michael Jackson so Ss can use the preposition of place, "from". T asks, 'Who is he?' 'Where is he from?'. Ss answer 'He is from England'. Secondly, T shows some famous cities on the slide show and asks, 'Where is London?'. Ss answer, 'London is in England'. Thirdly, T shows flags of neighbouring countries; Turkey and Greece. T asks, 'Is Turkey near Greece?'. Ss answer, 'Turkey is near Greece'. Ss can become engaged in the topic with this activity as they will start using the grammar in the lesson.

Grammar Focus with speaking. (6-8 minutes) • Practise using prepositions of place words.

T elicits answers from Ss on when to use the prepositions of place and writes it on the board. Show Ss cards with words and questions, e.g. CITY NAME & COUNTRY NAME. Explain and model the activity with a S. Ask concept questions e.g. Do you write or speak? Ss work in pairs to ask and answer questions – e.g. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Paris. It’s in France.” "France is near England". T monitors and helps where needed. For FB, nominate a few students to tell about their partners.

Prepositions of place exercise. (5-8 minutes) • To give Ss controlled practise of the TL.

T shows this exercise on the white board. Give instruction – “Look at these sentences. Which is the correct preposition?” Elicit an example. Give Ss handout and they start working in pairs. Monitor the class. Ss come to the board and underline the correct answers. Check all Ss agree.

Controlled practise of grammar exercise 1. (6-7 minutes) • Ss complete dialogue and practise using prepositions of place.

Ss complete dialogue with from, near or in. Give Instruction and handout- "Look at the dialogue, what is the answer for B?". Elicit answers. Ss work in pairs and fill in the dialogue. For FB, nominate Ss for answers and check with class.

Semi-controlled speaking activity. (8-10 minutes) • To provide Ss with semi-controlled practise of the TL and practise speaking for fluency.

Speaking practise will be focused on using, from, near and in. Ss will introduce themselves to other Ss by walking around the class- e.g, "Hello my name is Ali. I'm from Bursa. Bursa is near Istanbul". Demonstrates to Ss by introducing yourself e.g, "Hello, my name is Sinem. I'm from England. England is near France." T makes the speaking practise more interesting by saying they should find someone who is from the big cities in Turkey such as, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir & Bursa. Monitor the class for errors and make notes to show error correction during next stage.

Feedback on the previous task. (4-6 minutes) • To give Ss FB on the task.

Ask Ss, "Did anyone come from the same place as you?" "Who is from a small village in Turkey?" "Who is from Izmir?" Ss share their answers with the class. T writes down errors from the previous task and asks Ss, "Is this correct or incorrect?" Gives delayed error correction to class if time permits.

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