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Teens - Lesson 1
TA1 (ages 14-16) level


In this lesson, we will do warm ups and getting to know you activities as well as practicing introducing ourselves.


Abc Find someone who - likes and dislikes
Abc white paper (blank)
Abc colored paper

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of language used for introducing themselves in the context of a new school term.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice for introducing themselves and each other in the context of getting to know someone new.


Warmer - Invisible Ball Game (9-12 minutes) • Introduction and practice with names.

After greeting the class, we will move into a circle to play the invisible ball games using the following TL: My name is Malia, I'm from Hawaii. ------> Her name is Malia, she's from Hawaii. My name is Ayse and I'm from Trabzon.

Nametags for Desks (5-5 minutes) • To allow teacher to learn Ss names! =)

Give students 5 minutes to write their name (large & legible) on a paper to stand up on their desk.

Class Rules (11-13 minutes) • To set up the basic classroom rules for the term.

Write "Classroom Rules" on the WB and draw a big =) and =( Ask if they know what Classroom Rules means and solicit examples to go under the happy/sad faces, demonstrating if necessary: - using mobile phones - speaking Turkish in class - speaking English in class Can also include things teacher should do - smiling, giving homework, giving a break at a certain time, etc. Break students into small groups (4 or less) and let them write and illustrate the rules to post.

Introduce TL (23-25 minutes) • To introduce TL around conversations you have when meeting someone for the first time.

Play youtube clip (Friends 4:49 or Introductions 4:09) about introducing people. Alternatively, show picture of people meeting for the first time and ask if they know each other, what do you think they're saying, etc. Discuss in pairs what kinds of questions do you ask when you are meeting someone new for the first time. See if you can come up with 10 questions together. Draw a line in the middle of the board. Invite each pair to write one question on one side of the board. Invite each pair to come up to write the answer on the other side. Regroup the pairs and ask them to practice meeting and getting to know their classmates using these questions.

Semi-Controlled Practice (18-20 minutes) • To have semi-controlled practice with the TL and to learn classmates' likes/dislikes.

Introduce target language: Questions: - What do you do in your free time? - What is your favorite food? - What is your favorite movie? Brainstorm some of the answers to the questions. Review structure: I like _________ I don't like _____________ Pass out HO (Find someone who) with likes and dislikes and ask them to find a student for each of them by asking the questions for each. Practice finding the question form together - discuss with partner for 2 minutes and then check two of them as WC. Then 10 minutes for Find Someone Who, sit down when finished. As WC, go through and see who belongs in each square.

Writing a Letter to Teacher (24-30 minutes) • To practice writing and to gauge student's skill levels and interests to use for future lessons.

Elicit from students the components of a letter: salutation (dear ------), body, closing. Use TL from lesson today and ask students to write a letter to the teacher introducing themselves in at least 10 sentences. Elicit examples as a class: Dear Teacher, My name is --- and I'm from -----. I'm ---- years old and I live with my father, mother and two sisters. I like to do ----- in my free time. I don't like -----------. My favorite foods are ----- and ---- and I love living in Istanbul. If you have free time, you should visit --------. Sincerely, ------ Pass out colored papers and pens to allow students to draw and personalize their letters. They will get 15 minutes to write (can be extended another 5 if needed), then they can trade with a partner and see if they can get help to expand on their ideas. They should raise their hand if they have a question.

If needed activities (5-10 minutes)

1) Ask students as a group which they prefer and which they don't: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening 2) Let students ask questions of the teacher. 3) Have students come up with questions in pairs to ask teacher and write them down to put into a pile. Take turns letting one student come to pull it up to ask.

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