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Copy of Teaching Practice 16.03.2015


In this lesson, sts will be learning "comparatives and superlatives" through some pictures of cartoon characters (batman, spiderman and ironman) and will practice what they learn with a handout.


Abc Handout
Abc Picture of Spiderman
Abc Picture of Ironman
Abc Picture of Batman

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of comparatives and superlatives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in comparing two and more things in using the target language


Lead-in • To engage sts and set a context

-I will start the lesson by asking the sts this question; "What is a superhero?" -Then, I will ask the sts to describe a superhero with some adjectives. -When they will tell me the adjectives, I will write them on the board. However, while I am doing this, I will lead the students to the adjectives I want them to tell me such as rich, strong, helpful etc. The reason for this is that I will compare the three superheroes by using these adejctives.So, there will be all types of adjectives on the board. Hence, I can use them to show all the rules later.

Brainstorming and grammar • To give Ss clear information about the comparatives

-After that, I will focus on just two of the superheroes; Batman and Spiderman. I will put their pictures on the board. -Then, we will compare them by using the adjectives which we have written on the board. -After writing all the sentences on the board, I will show them how to change each adjective to make comparatives through these sentences.

Brainstorming and grammar • To give Ss clear information about the comparatives

-Now, I will show them the picture of the third superhero; Ironman and ask them "How can we compare these three superheroes now?" -When they remember superlatives, we will make sentences by using the same adjectives. -I will write the sentences on the board and show them the rules of the adjectives to make superlative sentences through these sentences again. -As a result, they will be able to understand how to use comparatives and superlatives.

Post-Grammar • To check the sts' understanding about the grammar

-After giving all the rules and making sure the sts understand the topic, I will give a handout to check if they really understand or not. -There are pictures of three means of transport (bike, car and plane) on the paper and some details are given about them such as their model, price, etc. -The sts will work in pairs to write 3 comparative 3 superlative sentences by using the information on the paper. -After they finish, we will discuss the sentences together.

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