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Neda ,Modals of deduction
Intermediate level


In this lesson begins with some pictures that were taken from all around world for continue the previous pages in the context of journey as a warm up and a little speaking .After that they will be given some papers with some pictures on it to discuss with their partners where the places are ,then listening and find our if they were right or wrong then lesson follows by some grammar about modals of deduction and MFP then FB .


Abc some pictures that I printed from the Internet ,New Inside Out students book pages 70/71

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Modals of deduction in the context of Journy

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide deduction, gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Mach the pictures based on what they here and pronunciation in the context of Journey


Neda (3-5 minutes) • Main aim is Grammar and sub aim is listening /

STAGE 1 At first greeting then as a warm up I will stick some pictures that I printed over the Internet then ask them if they know where they were taken or do they have them in their country .in this stage I can use Modals of deduction because grammar is my main aim / STAGE 2 ask them in their groups talk about the pictures and then getting feedback like each group or whole i can give them some information about the places. STAGE 3 give them instruction that there is person who is called Conrad and he took a trip around the world and put some pictures in his web page .with your partner think about the places and guess where the places are. ICQ .you should tell your partner? where the places are and ? talk about it why ? ,FB is in next stage. STAGE 4 instruction you are going to listen to Amy and Joe and check your ideas they STAGE 5 listen again and put the pictures in order that they mentioned .FB check with your partners then check as whole class STAGE 6 give them some papers with the name on them to mach them with pictures first instruction then ICQ /you should ?match ,alone or with partner ? HO .FB with partner then class STAGE 7 back to my first pictures on the board try them use it must be it can't be and pictures about Conrad then give them some papers about filling the gaps with can\t be or must be ,FB can be whole class.make sure about MEANING and FORM. STAGE 8 Instruction there are some information about some countries, Try to use can't be and must be based on the information then with your partners talk about it .I can change the partners in this part then feedback as each group tell about the answers then I can give them the answers on the board . STAGE 9 I can work on the pronunciation of the countries here STAGE 10 instruction I will say the names and you repeat after me then listen and put the stress in pairs then check as I give them the answers . STAGE 11 list the words in the correct column.

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