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Grammar, Prepositions of place
Elementary level


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Abc Straightforward Elementary

Main Aims

  • To provide review and some controlled practice of prepositions of place.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To ask and answer specific Wh questions through a semi- controlled practice


Lead-in (0-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic

I'll present pictures of boxes and balls. I'll show them 6 cards with the names prepositions of place .I'll divide them into two teams then I'll ask each team to work together to insert each card in its correct place.

Practice activity one (0-7 minutes) • To read a text and underline the prepositions of place and the nouns after them.

I'll draw their attention to notice the target language to notice the target language in a context. They will underline the prepositions of place and the nouns after them.They will work individually ,check in pairs then I'll give whole class feedback. *I 'll care for the ICQs before the activity.

Presentation (0-8 minutes) • To present the new prepositions that they will use in the following activities.

Using realia and pictures of items, I'll give them the opportunity to practice the meaning , the form and the pronunciation of the prepositions of place. I 'll work on improving their abilities to form correct sentences using the target language.I 'll present the model sentences: I live in Istanbul. My house is far from ITI. They will work individually to form sentences then work in pairs asking and answering questions using the target language.

Practice activity 2 (0-12 minutes) • To produce complete meaningful sentences using the target language through a semi- controlled practice.

Ss will work individually to write their ideas first then work in pairs.Every student will choose a person in the class and complete sentences using the preposition of place. Ss will work individually to write their ideas first ,work in pairs then present their own production to the whole class.My role in this step is to monitor, guide and give feedback.

Practice activity 3 . Pairwork . Information gap. (13 minutes) • To take turns to exchange information between pairs about a text on where someone lives.

*I'll explain to the Ss that they are going to take turns to exchange information with their partners about a text on where someone lives. *I'll hand out worksheets to students A and B. *I'll demonstrate the activity through the following steps: 1- I'll explain that some of the sentences on each worksheet are incomplete and that it is necessary to ask questions in order to find the missing information. 2-I'll write the first incomplete sentence from worksheet B on the board: ( Gerry Thompson lives in-----------.) 3-I 'll elicit the correct question from the class: (Where does Gerry Thompson live?) Then I 'll ask a student with worksheet A for the answer.I'll write the answer in the gapped sentence. 4-I'll do this with two or three more examples, demonstrating how the students take it in turns to ask and answer questions. Students work in pairs, take turns to ask their partners questions about information on their sheet. * I'll guide them and explain that if necessary, they should ask each other how to spell words. * When they have finished , they check their answers with each other. *Finally, I'll go through the answers with the class as an open class activity.

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