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Teaching Practice 4
Beginner level


Abc Tea Pics
Abc Country Names
Abc Handout - Reading No Names
Abc Handout - Reading Fill in Words
Abc Handout - Questions
Abc Handout - Discussion Qs
Abc Handout - T/F

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about tea in the context of individual reading and speaking activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Set Context (2-3 minutes) • To set context

-T puts pics of teas on WB -T says "In Pairs, what are these?" -Ss discuss in pairs -T writes on WB the words Ss say that relate to reading, tea, coffee, teapot...etc -If Ss dont say words, T elicits words from Ss by pointing at pics of cup, glass

Vocab Intro (10-11 minutes) • To introduce Vocab and CCQ M

-T points at cup on A and B "What's this?" -Ss 'a cup', WC repeats Chorally -T "two..." -Ss "Two cups" and WC repeats Chorally - T points at glass on C "What's this?" -Ss "a Glass", WC repeats Chorally - T "two..." -Ss "Two glasses" (if they know or with T's help) WC Repeats chorally. -T points at teapot "Whats this?" -Ss repeat WC chorally -CCQ: T points at cup/glass/-es/teapot and waits for students to say (pointing-CCQ) --- -T draws a glass of tea with a lot of tea and one with little tea. -Ss notice its a lot of tea and little tea -T "A lot of tea is Strong tea", "a little tea is Weak tea" -Ss repeat WC Chorally as T points at either drawing -CCQ: T points at cup/glass/-es/strong/weak pics and Ss say names as WC (pointing-CCQ) --- -T draws a glass of tea + sugar -Ss notice its tea and sugar while T waits for their answers -T draws a cup of tea + milk -Ss notice its tea and milk while T waits for their answers -T points at first "Tea with sugar" , points at second "Tea with milk" -Ss repeat WC chorally -CCQ: T points at all pics and does a WC/IndivS check on the M of pics (pointing-CCQ) --- -8 Ss are given names of each Vocab word and go place them next to drawing

Skim reading (6-7 minutes) • For Ss to get overall idea of text

-T "In pairs, what countries are these?" -Ss discuss in PW their ideas -T asks diff pairs to tell the WC their guesses -Ss tell T where to put each name as T holds names up -Instructions: •T holds up material "Alone, read and think, #1 #2 #2 Which country? you have 3 mins" •ICQ: t "In pairs? or Alone?", "You talk? or read?" -PW Check up, T "Check in Pairs" -FB: T "#1 is...? #2 is...? #3 is...? -T puts pic of readings with names on WB as Answer Key

Scan Reading (7-8 minutes) • For Ss to understand details about the reading

-T "Alone, read again, and answer Q's, you have 5 mins" -ICQ: "In pairs? or Alone?" -Ss read and answer Qs -PW Ss check answers -FB: T asks different Students "Which country is #_?"

Detail Reading (10-11 minutes) • To have Ss focus of details

-Instructions: T shows T/F and "Alone, Read and circle True or False" -ICQ: "Alone? or in Pairs?" -T walks around room to check how students are doing and if they have Q's -PW for checking A's -FB: T puts 1-9 on WB Ss come circle answer and explain why.

Flexi - Reading Fill in the Blank (3-4 minutes) • To have Ss complete information

-Get Ss ATTENTION -T "Alone, Read and fill in the blank" -ICQ: "Alone or in Pairs?" -TAKE OFF PICS FROM WB -PW check answers.

Clarification of Sentence: Meaning (7-10 minutes) • To clarify M of "I drink/Most drink"

-T [I drink tea/coffe] [Most people drink tea/coffee] -T writes on top of A's [Do you/most people drink tea/coffee?] -T "In Turkey, Do most people drink tea? or coffee?" -T "In pairs, ask each other, Do most people drink weak tea? or strong tea?" -ICQ: "In pairs? or in groups?

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