Ehab Ehab

Language and Culture
B1 ( Intermediate) level


The first part of this lesson focuses on how to make questions in different tenses considering the use of modals and some auxiliary verbs. The second part will be about using different vocab items related to cities and cultures while the third part gives the students a chance to practice their speaking skills using some useful phrases suggested on the student book.


Main Aims

  • To review form and meaning of questions through the context of Capitals of Culture.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn lexis related to the context and to give practice in speaking for fluency.


Warming Up (3-4 minutes) • Linking the previous lesson with today's lesson.

A table shows some cities and years will be shown to the students.I'll ask them to think about a title for the table.

Questions Forming (7-8 minutes) • To know how to make a question.

Ss will put the words in the correct order individually , then they move around to check with another partner. The answers will be introduced on the board after getting them from the students.

Matching (10-12 minutes) • Ss match the questions to the rules.

- Ss are going to read the rules and discuss them with a partner to match them with the questions. -Ss complete the questions about Amman.(Pair Work) Then Group Work.

Word Matching (6-8 minutes) • Making common phrases

Ss match the words to make common phrases from the interview,(Pair Work)

Practice Speaking (9-13 minutes) • To give the students a chance to produce the language.

Ss will be divided into 3 groups and they will start a game by choosing one city and the other groups ask them questions to guess what the name of the city is. or Each group will talk about a city they think it should be chosen as a capital of culture.

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