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In this lesson,students learn about the possessive `s and s` through the relationships.The lesson starts with introducing some people in the birthday party and it is followed by a vocabulary box presenting relationship words.Then the syllables of that box addressed.Finally,there is a possessive`s exercise and a speaking activity about family relationships.


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Main Aims

  • To present and practice possessive s and to talk about relationships

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice vocabulary to describe relationships


Lead-in (10-14 minutes) • Arouse students interest and activate schemata

The teacher asks some questions from students about their families to activate their schemata such as: How many people are there in your family? How many brothers or sisters do you have? Then the teacher makes a family tree on the half of the board(the board is divided in to two parts,), while she is writing on the board she is saying out loud the family members and later their relations. Finishing the family tree,she asks concept questions about that to see if they remember any relationships (Students canalso review possessive adjectives). For example, first teacher points to Susan and then Jack in order to elicit the word daughter from them After making sure that they learn almost well, teacher goes to the next step.

During Lesson (20-25 minutes) • Introducing syllable and possessive

The teacher asks the students to talk about the pictures in pairs and guess who the people are(their relationships). Then students are asked to do the exercise based on their discussion that they have done.Class will check the answers through the listening.(5-8 mins) In the second phase,teacher writes some words from the vocabulary box on the board and asks students to pronounce the words and she repeats with them to correct any pronunciation mistakes and to show the syllables by putting slashes or dots among syllables and using hand gestures. After practicing them with class,they are asked to the exercise and listen to the Cd to check their answers (5-7 mins). In the grammar section,teacher calls the students attention to the family tree which is on the board and she makes sentences with possessive `s ,for example, Gerard is Susan`s boy friend. Then she writes some others with blanks and asks students to fill in them. For example, Jennifer is.........sister. Susan is..................... girlfriend. (10-15 min) Note:If students get the grammar sooner than expected, teacher will divide the class to three groups and give them one handout to each group that some false and correct sentences are written on them.Students should find the false sentences and write the correct form of them on board. 1.Are you Rob`s brother? 2.Maria Teresa is from Madrid. 3.This is Sally,my brother girlfriend. 4.Hi.Are you Charles father? 5.My sister boss is really nice 6.This is my friends room.

After Lesson (5-6 minutes) • To review possessive and relationships

Students are asked to look at the pictures and discuss the people at Rob`s party but before that they should get the clear instruction that they are going to discuss it by possessive .The teacher will observe their speaking if she notices any problem or mistakes she will give feedback later on the board or immediately.

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