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Maria Alina Polat - An Old Head on Young Shoulders
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students will get used with the new vobabulary from the text about Joss Stone in the context of the topic about people who are mature at a very early eage. The will have the opportunity to make use their productive skills by telling their opinions and interacts with their partner through pair and group work.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist to get the main idea and detailed reading of the text "An old man on young shoulders" in order to deduce the target vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the target vocabulary and instill their productive skills by speaking about their favorite singer or other public person


Stage 1 - Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson and raise students' interest for it.

The teacher plays about 30 seconds of the Joss Stone's singing performance " It's a Man's World". Then asks the students whether they recognize the singer or if they are familiar with the song. Teacher gives the instruction for a short pairwork. Task: What is your favourite singer and why? Then teacher nominates a few students to say what their favorite singer is.

Stage 2 - Gist reading and scan and reading for details (14-17 minutes) • To get the main ideea of the text than to deduce the target vocabulay from the text.

Before giving the handout, the teacher give the intstruction. Task: Read the text and see what it is about. The reading time is two minutes. Then they talk to their partner and then the Teacher does the whole class feedback. The next task: Students make groups of three or four. Teacher askes them to underline in the text the words she says. The fastest group is the winner. (This will be a scanning) Now that they underlined the words their next task is to replace the underlined words from the handout she is going to give with the words and phrases they have just found. Then she gives them the handouts with the sentences having the underlined words. After that they check with they partner if they found them. In the whole class feedback, the teacher writes the words on the board and does chorall drilling.

Stage 3 - Speaking practice (16-18 minutes) • To activate their productive skills and highlight their own ideas

For the speaking activity students will have a series of task to do mainy group and pairworks. Teacher asks students to look at the title of the text: "An old head on young shoulders". What does is mean? And why do you think they chose this title for the text? Then teacher does the whole class feedback. The next task: Devide the students in two groups. One group must think of some reasons why a person would have an old head on houng shoulders, what could happen in his/her past life? (think mature) (about 5-6 reasons). The other group muist think of five reasons why a person should be the oppossite (immature for his/her age) They should write down their ideas. In the feedback, each group will tell what they wrote. The next task is to talk to their partner about what would be the qualities and behaviour of a mature person and of an immature. Eg: A mature behaviour of a person is: An immature behaviour of a person is: sincere, over react when he/she doesn't like somethinkg responsible, lier, confident, doesn't reflect on his/her actions hard worker spends too much money etc. realistic etc Then the whole class feedback will be done. Each group will tell their opinions. The next speaking activity. Give some examples from your past life when you behaved mature and immature. This is another pairwork. Then teacher does the whole class feedback.

Stage 4 - Delayed error correction (1-2 minutes) • To correct the errors they may have made during their discussions.

Teacher writes down possible mistakes that studends made while talking in groups or with their partners. If appropriate, try to use different error corrections methods. ask a question, reformulation, use a gesture, repeat utterance, questioning intonation etc.

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