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Grammar lesson Past Simple
Elementary level


Abc Power Point; Google Forms; Google Slides

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Past Simple Verbs in the context of travel and missing flights

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, students will detailed reading practice about airline travel and missing flights in order to identify meaning, form and pronunciation of TL and applying skills of TL with Controlled and Freer practices.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

SLIDE 1 Visuals for predictions: "What happened to these people? Ss to discuss in BOR (3 min) OCFB (2 min)

Exposure of text through reading for gist and details (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text

T sends google form with text and 2 questions. Asks Ss to read the text quickly to match the best title and picture to the blog (3 min) SLIDE 2 Google form with text and 2 questions for gist answering: 1. Which image best matches text? (picture of people running through airport) 2. Choose the best title for this Blog: "How I Missed my Flight" OCFB - T shows blog text and picture and asks to check their answers. SLIDE 3 T sends Google Form with text and 5 questions Ss to read text for detail to answer the 5 questions in affirmative and negative and questions form to introduce TL: 1. Patricia (landed) on time in Paris - b 2. She (walked a lot in the airport) - a 3. Patricia didn't catch her connecting flight - TRUE 4. Patricia didn't miss her flight to Africa - FALSE 5. Why did Patricia finally enjoy waiting in airport? - d all of the above: used her IPad to read, watch films and relax Ss read and answer questions (5 min) CCQ: Are you reading for more detail to get specific information? yes How many questions are you answering from the text? 5 How many minutes do you have to read and answer questions? 5 OCFB: T elicits answers from Ss and fills in the blanks / shows answers one at a time on Power point T reviews meaning using CCQs for guided discovery: Did the events happen now, in the future, or in the past? past Did they happen one time or many times? one time Are they continuing to happen into the future? no So do you agree that these actions happened at one point in the past? yes Which timeline reflects one action that happened in the past? B - Past simple (2 min)

Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

SLIDE 4 Using marker sentences (MS) to highlight positive/affirmative; negative and questions with verbs: Using CCQs for guided discovery by asking which sentence are true or false (those true are positive those false and negative) 1. Patricia landed on time in Paris - Positive (Subject + verb + ed) 2. Patricia caught her connecting flight to Africa - NEGATIVE (Subject + did +not/didn't + verb) 3. Have you ever relaxed in an airport? - QUESTION( aux verb - have+ subject+verb+ed+?) Guided discovery of meaning through CCQs: Elicit answers from Ss: SLIDE 5: PRONUNCIATION T highlights marker sentences and asks students to repeat TL: landed, missed, enjoyed CCQs for guided discovery and drilling individually and chorally: LANDED: What is the sound at the end of landed? (verbs ending in /d/ or /t/ sounds end with /id/ sound MISSED: What is the sound at the end of missed? /t/ where is the sound coming from your through or your tounge? tounge; is it a strong sound (voiced), or low sound (unvoiced) Enjoyed: What is the sound at the end of enjoyed? /d/ ; where is it coming from your tounge or your throat? throat? is a louder of softer sound than missed or landed? stronger (voiced) then it's /d/ sound

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

SLIDE 6 Google slides with 5 gap-filled questions in positive, negative and questions form of verb. Ss to answer individually (3 min) Ss to review answer in pairs in (2 min) 1. one million flights (landed) in the airport last year (positive) 2. Many passengers (missed) flights because of the hurricane (positive) 3. Airlines (didn't) refund passengers their money (negative) 4. Were all flights (cancelled) because of the hurricane? (question) 5. Airports (aren't) very relaxing places (negative) OCFB - Review answer key ( 2 min)

Free Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

SLIDE 7 Send google slides with question for Freer Practice in BOR "Have you ever missed an important event?" T Scaffolds offering example: I missed my sister's baby shower because the train station was closed due to an accident on the train line. T monitors BOR OCFB T ellicits an answer DEC - T highlights some errors heard in BOR and elicits correction from group T praises students for their hard work and attention.

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