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TP 8
A1 level


In this lesson we are going to have a review of times. times of the day, days of the week etc. Ss will have a speaking task to talk about their favorite times. Then I preteach the new voc. and we move on to the gist read. Here Ss read the first part of the text and answer 2 questions. In the detailed reading, there are some phrases that Ss must put in the text. Finally we have our post reading stage which includes 2 activities. In the first one Ss must read some phrases from the text on the wall and match them to the other parts in the text. This is a preparation task for the next activity which is speaking. In the last activity, Ss must interview 5 classmates about their favorite time and mention the reason for that.


Abc HO, Time
Abc Questions, warmer
Abc Pictures, Time
Abc Voc. pictures
Abc HO Text, Favorite time
Abc HO text, Joe & Rose
Abc Activity, Because

Main Aims

  • To provide an opportunity for the Ss to read 2 texts, get familiar with voc. and have a chance to exchange their ideas about the texts

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an atmosphere to speak with their classmates about the presented topic


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To refresh Ss' memory on some voc. items, get them involved and interested in the topic and introduce the topic

Start with introducing the topic Time. Give example of happy day, sad day about myself. ask a couple Ss. Show pic. of times of day, seasons, holidsays, etc. Elicit the voc. from Ss. Then give HO. Ss in pairs must write 5 topics on Time we love! Then give HO for questions. They ask and answer with their partner. Pair check and FB as asking Ss to talk about each other.

Pre-Teach Voc. (2-4 minutes) • To teach some blocking voc. to facilitate the process of reading

Using some pic. and gestures and concept check questions and examples, I elicit the voc. , then drill efficiently with stress, and write on the board.

Gist Reading (4-6 minutes) • To give ss a chance to familiarize with the context and be exposed to some new voc.

Explain shortly about ordinal numbers, instruct them on the questions for the task by using ICQs, and then give HO. Ss read, pair check and FB by underlining the answer on the board.

Detailed Reading (7-10 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to have a thorough reading task about some other people's opinions and their reasons

First, I will have them read and comprehend the phrases shortly, then give HO to read and complete it with the phrases. Ss pair check and FB write the phrases on the board.

Post read activity 1 (10-12 minutes) • To test Ss' understanding of the most important part of the reading text and get them ready for the next speaking task

paste 10 pieces of papers on the wall, saying Because.... Ss in two lines come one by one pick another piece of paper on the table, reading the papers on the wall and trying to match them. They can use their reading text to check the information. FB as WC

Post reading activity 2 (12-15 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to practice their speaking skill using the voc. and phrases they learnt during the class

Ss get ready for an interview. I will demo the instructions clearly with one of the Ss using ICQs. They stand in 2 lines facing each other. They have the questions from warmer stage, adding Why? Each Ss must ask and answer one question from one student only and then move to the next. FB as nominated Ss.

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