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A1 level


In this lesson, SS will learn and practice "this" demonstrative pronoun and some vocabulary items for common objects through visuals and S focused activity. When the main aim is accomplished, SS will read a text for gist and match the text to the pictures.


Main Aims

  • To present "this" and some vocabulary items for common objects with practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about "Across cultures" in the context of student life.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (5 minutes) • To present "this" and introduce vocabulary

T will reflect a picture of a student room on the board and ask SS what they see and give time to discuss with their partners. T will elicit SS` answers and write down on the board. T will show 6 flashcards one by one and try to elicit answers from the SS.

Stage 2 ( Vocabulary and Listening Activity ) (20 minutes) • To practice the demonstrative "this" with the presented vocabulary.

-T will reflect the picture of a room on the board, the same one with the book and point to some objects and ask the question "What is this?" and elicit SS 'answers. - SS will listen to the words in exercise 2 a on page 11 to find the objects in the picture. -T will pair up SS and show the cut off papers and the pictures. -T will demonstrate and give the instructions of matching activity. -T will distribute the materials and monitor the SS and check their understanding. - Next, SS will listen to 1.21 audio on page 11. - T will give feedback at the end of the activity.

Stage 3 ( Reading for gist) (10 minutes) • To read a text for general understanding and match the pictures with the paragraphs.

T will reflect the pictures of students on page 12 on the board and ask SS two questions to engage them with the topic. Where is she? What is she doing?. Then SS will read the text. When they finish reading, T will pair up students and ask them to match the pictures with the paragraphs. T will give feedback.

Stage 4 ( Speaking) (10 minutes) • To provide an interactive environment through personalizing the topic.

T will ask a question "What is normal?" and elicit their answers and explain it through examples. T will assign the groups and ask them to read the question in the second part and talk with their group members. T will give FB.

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