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Reading lesson ( Facebook profile can damage your job opportunity)
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn some vocabulary related to (Job opportunities). Besides they can understand some facts and words related to the digital citizen. They will understand how to set up a perfect profile in any account in the social media and the importance of leaving a perfect footprint. Furthermore, ss will read some comments of the some figures relased by Microsoft and other applications that their Facebook profile could damage their employment prospective.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed of reading using in the context of Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarifications of some confusing words of the text and to speak fluently.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To generate interest in reading and encourage prediction of the topic and to activate students prior knowledge.

Teacher displays a picture of digital footprint in the IWB. -firstly, the T elicits the meaning of digital foot print as it is shown in the picture( information that people leave online or using other communications skills. -Teacher displays some points related to the footprint as a guide to use in answering this question( what is your digital foot print look like?) and asks them to discuss these points in pairs for 3 minutes. - The teacher demonstrates his digital footprint as a kind help to make it easy. Task ICQs : -Are you going to work in pairs or in groups? ( pairs ) - Are you going to write or discuss? ( discuss and write some note). -How much time do you have for this discussion? ( 3 mins)

pre- reading (3-5 minutes) • Teaching vocabulary: To explain blocking words or phrases.

1- Jobseekers Eliciting questions: Teacher displays pictures of people who are applying for a job. -What can you see in this picture?( peoples who are searching on a job) -CCQs: - Are they having a job or still searching and seeking to have a job? No, they are searching to find a suitable job. Referential: - Have you ever applied for a job ? -Form : noun [ C ] UK UK /ˈdʒɒbˌsiː.kər/ 2- Reputation The teacher writes on the board a sentence that clarifies the meaning of that word. -She has the reputation of being a good doctor. -CCQS: Is it the opinion that people in general have about someone or something they have experience with or just an actions or both? Both. -Does it change according to the the people's view? No, it is changed according to the actions of the person and his behaviors if they are correct or wrong. Referential: Stealing money and doing terrible actions show a good refutation.( Yes or No) Form: the teacher displayed the form with different colours. reputation noun [ C usually singular, U ] UK /ˌrep.jəˈteɪ.ʃən/.

While-reading 1: (3-5 minutes) • Skimming gist task : To provide a quick understanding of the topic (Facebook profile can damage your job opportunity)

teacher displays the reading passage without a title and asking them to read it quickly to write a suitable title and then discuss it with his partner in 3 minutes. Teacher clarifies that any suitable title would be correct. -CCQS: -Are you going to read quickly for having a general idea or reading word by word? ( quickly) -Are you going to write the title or say it? ( write and discuss) -do you work alone first then discuss your answer with your partner or vise versa?( work alone then check with a partner). -Do I accept all the suitable titles? Yes

While-reading 2 : (8-10 minutes) • to provide detail information and challenging work.

Teacher sticks on the wall pieces of paper that have some questions on the passage and also sticks the answers and asks them to match through reading the passage first in detail in two minutes silently ,then stand up and move to the wall to read the questions and match them with the litter that shows the suitable answer in their notebooks.Then, they have to check the answers with his partner and they have only 6 minutes to find out the answers and check them. They have to stop when the teacher says Freez and back to their seats. -These are the questions and the answers that the teacher is going to stick them on the wall haphazardly: 1- What is the comment of Farhan Yasin, of online recruitment network,on the idea of social net working in finding a job opportunity? 2- How did social networking affect our job opportunities in 2010? 3-Why Mr. Yasin cautioned job seekers to be aware of their online image even after landing the perfect job? 4- "Your online reputation is not something to be scared of, it's something to be proactively managed." who said this sentence ?and do you agree? Why or Why not. -The answers: A- it was a great way to make connections with job opportunities and promote your personal brand across the internet. B- Peter Cullen. c-It was a great way to make connections with job opportunities and promote your personal brand across the internet. D-"Social networking is a great way to make connections with job opportunities in 2010 and promote your personal brand across the internet. CCQS: -AM I going to give you handouts or I will stick piece of paper on the wall to read and match? stick pieces of paper on the wall to read. - Do you read first in detail then move to read and match from the wall? yes -Are you going to write the numbers of questions and the litters of the answers in the wall or in your notebooks? Notebooks. -Are you going to work in groups? No , we are going to read first silently for 2 minutes alone , then work in pairs when the teacher asked us to move to read the questions in the wall. -How many minutes you will spend in pair work ? 6 minutes

Post-Reading: (5-6 minutes) • To provide fluency in speaking in the context of role play to discuss there own facebook profiles in the IWB

The teacher chooses haphazardly three of the student's facebook profiles to discuss and anlayze them to find out their profiles while be suitable for the job hunters or not. They are going to work in 3 groups and each group composes of 4 students. they have only 5 minutes for the discussion. The teacher is monitoring to give them feedback. CCQS: Do you work in groups? yes Are you going to discuss your friend's profile or the reading passage? Facebook profile in IWB. -Do you read or speak? speak

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