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Three Inventions
Elementary level


In this lesson,students will read about three inventions. The lesson starts with an overview of different invitations. This is followed by a jigsaw reading activity when students answer reading comprehension tasks which will pave the way for practicing the simple past tense. Finally, through a less-controlled activity, they practice conversations to express incredulity.


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for specific information in the context of inventions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To revise the past simple tense.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Show ss pictures of some inventions. Elicit what they know about them and their inventors' names. Tell ss that they are going to read about three inventions. Pre-teach vocabulary words: Sold- painter- snowed- the windscreen- wiper- design Recycle the vocabulary before moving to the next stage

While-Reading (8-10 minutes) • Jigsaw reading: Reading for the gist + Reading for specific information

Tell the ss that they each s is going to read about one invention and that they need to know which invention does the text talk about. Show ss the the texts and three titles. Ask ss to read the text in 2mins individually and match it with its title. ICQs: "Are you going to work alone?" "Do you need a pen?" then, ask them to stand up and look at the texts hung on the walls and check: "do you have the same dates? if not, check and correct

While-Reading (15-20 minutes) • reading to give correct answers

Give ss a list of incorrect sentences about the texts. Tell ss that they are incorrect and that they need to make the sentences negative and give the correct answer. example1: E-C-D-W Demonstrate with the whole class the first example. Write it on the board, highighting the stress and the negative form. (use fingers for contractions) Open pairs for the next example. Group ss in A, B and C, according to the text/invention and ask them to make the sentences negative and to give the correct answer. Project answer on the board

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • Expressing surprise/incredulity

Divide the class into pairs. Tell them that they are going to read and listen to a conversation about Napoleon Bonapart and make similar ones about famous people. Demonstrate the fist one. Ask them to make similar conversations in pairs. Provide them with languae prompts to express surprise Monitor and check. Delayed error correction of the simple past tense wrap up.

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