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Letter L phonics - lesson 1
A1 - grade 2 level


Students will review and clarify the "l" sound, with teacher modelling, video modelling, worksheet work and the "Look look look" story. Students will as a result, be taught various vocabulary words beginning with the "l" sound.


Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a phonics focus in the context of the ''Look, look, look'' story

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of words starting with "L" in the context of the Look, look, look story


Warmer/Lead-in + highlighting (8-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The T begins the lesson by using "look" with vocabulary ss already know. e.g. "Look a kid", "Look a TV", and follows with "Look! What's this/that" The T then shows a slide with all the vocabulary elements of the TL, and asks the same questions. He only answers and models once or twice, whatever the ss apparent level of success. The T then gives the instructions and demonstrates the WS.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

First play the storybots video once or twice. Then go through the story slowly, but only once with the WC. Amply demonstrate and concept check the action of looking at something.

Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

First the T plays the bounce patrol video as a breach in the teaching and a review. Then the T goes through the ppt to clarify the meaning of the story and of the correct pronunciation.

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To check spelling and prepare students for more meaningful practice

Separate the words into smaller parts and have chosen ss reassemble the designated one. T either says it, or shows a picture to prompt.

Extra (6-7 minutes) • To provide more exposure

If time allowes, play the sesame street viseo

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