Chareen Chareen

Functional Language
B2 level


The context is how to conduct a meeting with correct phrases.


Abc HO 2B
Abc Ho 4A
Abc HO 3
Abc HO 4B
Abc HO 7A
Abc HO 7B

Main Aims

  • Functional Language in the context of conducting meetings . . . Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Conducting a meeting . . . Speaking


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • Introduce ss to the word catering in the context of event planning

T shows picture of a couple in wedding garb T elicits ss, "What event is the couple celbrating?" T shows picture(s) of wedding reception(s) . . . all on the same screen. I will be using the website I put on my desk page screen. T elicits ss, "Is food usually served after a wedding?" "Who do you think does the cooking? The Family?" Actually, the word 'catering' can be seen on the screen page.

2A (3-5 minutes) • Listening for accuracy

T introduces the audio: a 3 minute audio with 2 women and 2 men having a meeting about starting a catering business.

2B (5-6 minutes) • Listening for accuracy

T tells the class they will be given a HO with 12 phrases, 6 which were actually spoken in the audio and 6 which were not. T tells class they will listen a second time and are to 'tick mark' the phrase (either a or b) of numbers 1 - 6 that were used in the audio. T does the first one as an example. SS work solo, partner check, and T FB will be the OHP image of correct answers.

3 (5-7 minutes) • Functional Language Practice

SS are provided a chart HO with the headings, Opinions, Commenting on Opinions, and Suggestions. T instructs ss to decide whether the sentences in the HO (2B - 12 sentences) are (see above) and to add to the list(s). Examples are provided and T will review with ss. FB is shown by OHP page 134

4A (4-5 minutes) • Functional language practice

SS work in groups of 3. T provides cut-ups of words (4 sets for each group) they are to put words in the correct sentence structure. SS attach the words to colored construction paper; when finished one ss from each group attaches the completed paper to the WB. Each group then looks at all sets to group check. T provides FB by providing HO of answer key, which will also be used for the next audio listening task.

4B (5-6 minutes) • Listening for stress

SS listen to audio for the stressed words (HO 4B). T elicits ss answers. FB is is the answer key.

7A (9-14 minutes) • Speaking in groups - Discussion

SS work in groups of 3. SS are instructed to (solo skim read) the task, "Set up a company to promote tourism" SS are designated A's, B's, and C's and each provided with their individual tasks (each with its own color). SS have 7 - 8 minutes to discuss within their groups. Each group has 2 minutes to tell the other groups their ideas.

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