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Teaching Practice No: 4 - (22 August 2013)
Pre-Intermediate - A2 level


In this lesson, the students will be learn to give advices to people. The main aim of this lesson is functional language and the sub-aim of the lesson is fluent speaking. The students will learn the grammar and at the later stages of the lesson they will be able to practice the structure in various ways. The last section of the lesson will be a semi-controlled practice, in which the students will be able to create original sentences and have lots of STT.


Abc Exercise Handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the modal verb should in the context of helping a friend and giving advices.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a pair work in the context of giving advices.


Lead-in Stage (3-5 minutes) • To engage the students in the context and provide a background for the upcoming stages.

The lesson will start with a powerpoint presentation in which the students will be shown a picture of a person. This person will be in a dire situation and the students will try to guess what the problem is in accordance to certain questions that the teacher will prompt the students. When the students have listed certain solutions to the problems that the teacher prompts the students with, the teacher will then go on to the next stage of the lesson.

Grammar Description (5-7 minutes) • In this part of the lesson, the teacher will explain how an advice sentence is formed.

The teacher will slowly prompt the students again with certain question regarding the grammar subject. When the students finally mention that "should" is used for giving someone an advice, the teacher will give further examples for making advice sentences. The degree of directness and indirectness of an advice sentence will be primarily focused on this stage of the lesson as the next stage will be another prompting stage and a CCQ stage for whether the students have understood the usage of this grammar or not.

CCQ - Lead-in 2 Stage (2-4 minutes) • Another stage to test whether the students have understood the usage of advice sentences.

This stage will be similar to the lead-in stage, but this time the students will be aware of the creation and usage of an advice sentence and they will try to resolve similar questions that were asked on the lead-in stage.

Exercise 1 - Rearranging the words (5-7 minutes) • The students will try to rearrange the words in the handouts to make correct advice sentences.

The teacher will first describe the first exercise and do an ICQ on whether the students completly understood the exercise or not. They will try to rearrange certain words and make correct sentences. These sentences are all advice sentences and after they are done, the students will write the answers on the WB and a WCFB will be given.

Pairwork Exercise Stage (5-7 minutes) • The students will do a pairwork exercise.

The students will be given another pairwork exercise in which they will try to give advices to their peers in regard to the questions that they are asked. This is the first exercise to engage students in speaking with fluency regarding the topic of giving someone an advice.

Roleplay Exercise (10-15 minutes) • The students will do a roleplay exercise to engage more STT.

The teacher will give the instructions to the last but the most important exercise on the lesson, roleplaying. The students will be given a certain set of questions, they will be asked to answer these questions and make notes of themselves. Later they are going to ask other students for advice regarding their questions. They will later change partners and speak as much as they can to engage in STT.

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