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Learn about prepositions of place
Elementary level


İn this lesson, students learn about prepositions of place through practicing some activities (receptive and productive skills) with the whole class.


Abc Handout - Pictures - Cuisenarie rods - WB

Main Aims

  • To introduce prepositions of places in the context of fill in gaps exercise.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To focus on ( in - on) prepositions and drilling using the preposition to describe their neighborhoods.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage the students and getting them work in pairs/groups for the coming activities

To show the students a picture for İstiklal Street in İstanbul, then to draw a long road on the whiteboard representing İstklal Street. To ask the students to put pictures for famous places in İstklal Street on the board according to their own personal memory trying to elicit the aim words

Test-teach-Test (8-12 minutes) • To set a common sense among the students about prepositions of place

To ask the students to do ex.1 and 2 individually and compare the answers in pairs/groups and then to give them the right answers to compare them with theirs. To drill pronouncing the prepositions in expressions individually and with the whole class

Reflecting (10-15 minutes) • To reflect what the learners have learnt on their own lives

To ask the students to work in pairs. The first to talk about where he/she lives, work or study and the other to draw a picture on a sheet of paper. After they finish, teacher will put the pictures learners drew with their names on the board and ask the learners to tell us according to the pictures

Feedback (5-10 minutes) • To check what the students have learnt

To drill pronunciation with these two questions: - Where do you live? - Where would you like to live? İn pairs to ask and answer these two questions. and ask the students about their partners. To use the cuisenarie rods asking learners some simple questions about the places of some shapes

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