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A2 level


The ss will receive a lessson on adv of frequency initiated by a reading questionaire on the topic "Are you an early bird or a night owl?"


Main Aims

  • To teach Adverbs of frequency and Ss speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in the context of The Routine Activities


Warmer (5 minutes) • Introduce the topic of the session

Put a pic of "Sleep""Go to the bed" on the board and elicit sleep/go to the bed. "What time do you sleep?" "O so late. Do You always, ALL THE TIME sleep at 2am?" according to the response I might also pre-teach SOMETIMES (use the hand gesture) "What time do you usually, NORMALLY get up?" O so early. Do you often, MOST OF THE TIME get up at 7am?" XXX often sleeps late, she's the...mmm?? Put the picture "Night Owl" on the board YYY often wakes up early. She's the..mmm...?? Put the picture "Early Bird" on the board? They are expressions." "An Early Bird wakes up early." "A Night Owl sleeps late at night."

While reading (10 minutes) • to read and ans some quetsions to decide on their sleeping habit type ex2c

Display the image of "Freq Adv" on the board. The picture is illustrious so the picture itself teaches the frequency rate. I will leave it PPT on the board. "Here's a test, Tick your ans. Dont open the fold." HNDOUT "Reading Questionaire", with the right side corner folded up After they finish. "Now open the fold and look at your score." "Are you an early bird or a night owl?" "Now check with your friends, HOW MANY OF YOUR ANS R The SAME?" PW Ss will report their friends' habits what they do (encourage them not to look at the book and try to say the sentences from their mind and also if they could ellaborate with some more reasons. Ex: I c my friends in the evening bcz I go to classes in the morning.

Post Reading Warmer of Grammar (8 minutes) • students will discover facts about adv of frequency in the text through the text

While the magnified image of the vocab is still on WB. "Underline these words in the text" ICQ>>"Do we write??No we underline. There's one in each sentence. Hide PPT image. Ask a s to put the slip of adv in frequency order. "Are they verbs??" "Can I say " I often early?!!!" Do they come before the verb?? Y After Am/Is/Are??? Y Time to display PPT "Adv Main Verb/Tobe Verb" "Which is correct" Ex3 HNDOUT FB WC Teach never: I don't get up early on weekends= I NEVER get up early on weekends FALSE Common Error: I don't never get up early/ I not never get up early. Teach Adv as NON-Verbs False Common Error: I often early. Corerect: I often get up early/ I am often early.

Controlled Practice (4 minutes) • To present the form

Display PPT on the board and ask PW to think where to put the the adv. "Where in the sentence do I put these word?" After PW, volunteers will tick the place where the adv go.

Semi-controlled practice (8 minutes) • Ss will talk abt their daily habits with the use of fr adv plus 3 more supporting sentence

"This is about your plan. Add these words to these sentences." ICQ: Do we write the sentences??No, we just add the words in the correct place. HANDOUT EX4.

Free Speaking (15 minutes) • Ss talk in complez sentences abt their daily routine habits

After Ss finish ex 4 "Add 3 more sentences to each exercise and talk to your friend. EXAMPLE: I always get up at 8am bcz I sleep early and my mother cooks a delicious breakfast for me... Ask Ss to MINGLE and tell each other about their plans. There are 6 Questions so I ask them to be devided in 3 groups. Each will be given a "DICE" to toss and talk on a topic 1 to 6

Test to Review (10 minutes) • To correct any final error on sentence structure

There are envelopes. There are 4 sentences in each ENVELOPE. "Put the sentences in order" They glue the words on a piece of paper. The ans key will be handed to them to check their ans. OPTIONAL: This can be assigned as Homework for the coming session, too.

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